Sunday, June 19, 2005

Steak & Star Wars

That pretty much sums up Jeff & I's anniversary date. We went to Mountain Town, a local brewery & restaurant. It was nice. We were there early enough where it wasn't that crowded. It was nice to eat a meal that didn't involve the words "french fries". We had dessert, too, which is even rarer. Then we went to see Star Wars: Episode 3. It was REALLY good. I think we liked it best of all. I even cried at the end, which is kinda weird, but hey, whatever.
One thing about the midwest that I'm noticing: people don't know the term "personal space". The theater was nearly empty, maybe 20 or so other people. Jeff & I got there about 20 minutes early, so we had picked our seats, and gotten our popcorn & soda. Not 5 minutes before the movie starts, well into the previews, a couple walks in & sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Not even a seat of space in between. Ok, I can see how that may seems a little selfish, but come on: the theater's not even close to being full & you choose to buddy up next to me? There were empty seats in the middle, in the row in front of us, behind us, ALL OVER! Then this woman I think fell asleep in the middle because she was breathing louder than the movie. I don't know, maybe I'm being too snobby.
Emma & Sarah were watched by a guy named Nate, who's a student who works with Jeff. He's a really nice guy & did a great job with the girls. They were both in bed by the time we got home. His fiance had come over (after we learned they lived right across the street) and the girls had a blast. Emma even conned them into making her jello Scooby snacks. She told me about it later, like it was a secret.
We're driving to Grand Rapids this evening, as Jeff has an interview tomorrow. They sent him a schedule for it. It's a pretty intensive interview, as it goes from 10am to 4pm, with sections entitled: Decision Quality, Composure & Conflict Management. Glad I'm not in his shoes. So the girls & I are on our own for the day. I was trying to see if anyone on either of Ds boards I frequent who lived in the area were available to get together, but so far, no one's answered. Oh well, if all else fails, we'll just roam around, maybe go see a movie. Or get the van's oil changed.

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