Monday, June 27, 2005

New milestone for Sarah

Sarah has started waving to people. When we wave at her, she does the same thing with her hand, kinda staring at it, like it's not part of her body, but some strange foreign object. She hasn't really imitated when you do something, so this is the first time that she's done it. Hopefully, now that she's going to start Occupational Therapy, things will start moving along.
She's getting another tooth, a molar. Poor kid's been smacking her hand against her ear, like the pain is radiating to it. She hasn't been exceptionally cranky, or else I might think it was an ear infection. I think it's almost through though. That'll be her 11th tooth.
Emma & I went to Coldstone last night after dinner. Jeff stayed home with Sarah. We got a bowl for him, and when I walked in, with two bowls of ice cream, as soon as Sarah saw me, she KNEW what it was I was holding, and immediately started squirming in Jeff's arms. She was flailing around, trying to get to the ice cream, furious that Jeff wouldn't let her fly out of his arms towards the ice cream. This kid, who can't even crawl yet, knows the sight of a Coldstone Creamery container. Guess that shows what her priorities are.
Jeff started his second semester of summer school today. He's got English 201 and Computers in Society. His book for that class is entitled Computer Concepts. Jeff IM'd me from that class, thankful there's a wireless internet connection, so he won't be bored for the 2 hours he has to sit there. I told him to be careful, as that's the same ideology he had during his A+ class, which ended up being harder than expected, due to his teacher being a complete perfectionist. He seems confident though, that it'll be no problem. Apparently his teacher is a little older, so he doesn't think that he'll expect perfection like the other teacher did.

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