Friday, June 17, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes

Emma & I were reading a book from her school library this morning called "Where's Chimpy?". It's about a little girl named Misty, who has Down syndrome, and she's looking all over the place trying to find her toy monkey, Chimpy. Emma still doesn't fully understand what Sarah having Down syndrome means. And I don't mind that, but I also want her to be educated about it, and not, all of a sudden, have someone come up to her & make a rude comment about her sister or something.
Anyways, I started out by saying that the little girl in the book had Ds, just like Sarah. She said,"I want to have Down syndrome, too!" I guess she thought it was cool, since the little girl had her own book.
We're going to a BBQ at a park this evening, for all the Tech-Ops people that Jeff works with. I was volunteered to bring cookies. Which I was happy to do, until I realized that I don't have any chocolate chips. So, we may have to change which type of cookie I'm bringing, since Jeff has the car, which also has my purse & the stroller in it. So I can't even walk to the store. Oh well, looks like it'll have to be peanut butter chookies instead.
So, we have a sitter for 6 hours tomorrow evening. The only thing I know we're doing is going to see Star Wars. Other than that, we really don't have any plans. I think we might go to dinner. I wanted to go glow bowling but that doesn't start until 9pm, and we have to be back home by 10pm. We might try it. I like bowling, even though I'm not very good.
Ok, so I'm really tired of all the running around these medical people are doing with Sarah's heart check-up. I called the Heart Center, where Sarah's appointment is next Thursday, and asked them if they were going to sedate her for her echo to check on her PDA. Well, they proceed to tell me that they're not doing an echo, just a consultation with the Pediatric Cardiologist and an EKG. AN EKG!!!!???? They already KNOW she has a small PDA, why do they need to do an EKG? This check-up was just to see if the PDA was gone or not. For crying out loud!!!! They didn't even have her records from her pediatrician. Oh my goodness, the ineptitude is ASTOUNDING! It's times like this when I wish I lived in a bigger town that had more kids with Ds, so that they wouldn't always put Sarah on the backburner.
Ok, have to put a link to these pictures of this little girl named Kennedy. She's a year old and has Ds. She is absolutely adorable!!!!
I wish there were someplace around here that did these kinds of pictures. I would love to get some of the girls. Then again, maybe it's a good thing we don't, because I think I would go broke!!

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