Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tomorrow's the day

Well, after seeing my doc this afternoon, the decision has been made to induce me tomorrow morning at 9am. We're going the Cervidil route, which isn't as bad as Pitocin, so I'm still hoping for an epidural free delivery. But, whatever way and with whatever interventions that happen, the only thing that matters is Katie arriving into this world safely. June 8th, 2006. Sounds like a good day to have a baby. It'll stick with our tradition of all even numbered birthdates. With the exception of Emma's birth year ('99), ALL of us have all even numbers in our birthdates.
At first they said that they might not be able to fit me in tomorrow morning, and I was going to have to wait until 9pm tomorrow night. I wasn't happy about that. But Labor & Delivery called me this evening and said to come on in, unless told otherwise. Now I just have to hope & pray that I don't get bumped. I can imagine getting there & them telling me, opps, we're full, go home. I'd be less than pleased.
So once she's here, well, depending on the time of day, lol, Jeff will be back home to post some pictures on our Photobucket page. That can be found here. Wish us luck!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still here, still pregnant

I'm 2 days past my due date, and I'm cranky. I wanted this baby out about a week ago, sigh. But, apparently she's just like her father & is a complete stubborn mule. I even had decent, regular, albeit Braxton-Hicks, contractions last night for about 2 hours. Then I go to bed & they stop. As of Monday's appointment, I was 1-2cm, 50% effaced. Which means nothing to me, because I was that way for the last 4 weeks before having Sarah. Tonight is Emma's Kindergarten graduation, so I'm hoping maybe afterwards something will happen. This is the event that I was most worried about missing. Even though it's going to suck that my aunt & sister will have almost no time with us after the baby's born (they're leaving on Monday afternoon), I'm glad I won't be missing this very important event. She's also getting an award on Friday (the last day of school) and I would love to be able to go to that, too, this is the biggie for a Kindergartener. So, I'm not trying to bargain with God or anything, but anytime after the graduation tonight, but BEFORE, say, Friday, would be great. But, as I'm learning, nothing is certain in life, not even the timely birth of a child. Even your 3rd.
But, this is making worry just a bit that the baby is just too big and won't descend, thus forcing me to have a c-section. Which I'll take, as long as it means having a healthy baby, but it also means that Jeff wins in our "who gets to be snipped" bet. If I have a normal delivery, Jeff's promised to get the big "V", and I told him the only way I'd get my tubes tied was if I had a c-section. So, we'll see how things go. I'm not too worried...yet.
So, for all the family members who are wondering, no we haven't had the baby yet, and yes I'm doing pretty much everything I can think of to get things going: walking, housework, shopping, carrying a 20 lb. Sarah up & down the stairs, doing my elliptical trainer. I've tried it all, but she'll arrive when she feels like it & not a moment sooner, unfortunately. And trust me, we'll let you know.