Saturday, February 04, 2006

Last one I promise

This one I just thought was too funny. Her little hand is up by her forehead, she's already pulling a Scarlet O'Hara!!

Another U/S pic

This is a 3D pic that they took. It's the baby's hands right up in her face!!

Meet Baby Wilson!!

We had our Level II Ultrasound yesterday. Everything looked good, the doctor was able to see all the organs and he said they all looked great! The doctor doing the ultrasound has a 29 year daughter with Down syndrome, so it was nice to get some perspective as to what life might hold in store for Sarah as she gets older. He said based on the fact that we already have a child with Down syndrome, our risk for having another is about 1/100. But, with all the measurements he took yesterday and finding no soft markers, he was able to push that to 1/200. It made us feel a little relieved, but I also know that U/S's and blood tests aren't fool-proof, so we'll still prepare ourselves for whatever lies ahead. The odds are that this baby doesn't have that extra chromosome, but if it does, we'll be prepared. Oh, I guess you'd like to know what we're having huh? It's a GIRL!!! Yep, 3rd girl and Jeff's screwed. He's got a harem on his hands, and the fact that they'll ALL be teenagers at the same time....well let's just say he's going to have a mid-life crisis on his hands. It should be funny to watch.