Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter at the Wilson's

If you're expecting some grandiose blog. filled with exciting tidbits, well, go read another blog. Our Easter was fun, to be sure, but nothing to write home about...wait, I guess I AM writing about it, lol.
It all started on Saturday evening, after realizing that we had no food in the house, that I trekked over to the store. We also needed some Easter Bunny supplies, but like most places on the eve of Easter, there were practically none to be had. There were no baskets, no eggs, barely any candy. Jeffrey, in his infinite wisdom, had thrown away the girls' baskets from last year just last week. :\ Thankfully we still had our cache of plastic eggs. But, what to put them in. So, after spending nearly 3 hours at the grocery store, I went to Wal-Mart after the girls were in bed. They had a fewbaskets left, so I picked a couple of really cute ones: a purple wire one with wire flowers & butterflies on it for Emma, and a plush ladybug one for Sarah. The Easter Bunny also got the girls each a book and a toy (Emma got a hula-hoop and Sarah a plush ducky).
Before going to bed, Emma had insisted that we make the Easter Bunny a plate (just like we do with Santa) of something yummy. So, we made a little serving of cut up carrots for him. And a glass of water with ice (because he'll be thirsty mom).
So, after the girls were asleep, Jeff & I had the fun job of "helping" the Easter Bunny fill up the eggs with candy, getting together their baskets, and setting everything up. The eggs were "hidden" around the house for the girls to find in the morning.
Emma was up, bright & early, at 7am. Sarah wasn't far behind. Emma found most of the eggs, but let Sarah find a few, too. After getting everyone washed & dressed, we went out to brunch. Emma had been asking us for a week to be able to fly her kite, so we decided to go to the park for a little while. We also brought her bike. After 5 minutes of flying the kite, Emma decided she was bored. So, it was off to play on the playground equipment. Apparently my huge belly belies my condition, as she was requesting that I play hide and seek with her. I told her that the only place I would be able to hide was inside the slides, and that I would most likely get stuck, so no thanks. So then it was off to ride her bike for a little while, and then home. Sarah must have been worn out because she went down for a 3 hour nap. Then we had dinner, and after watching a movie, the kids went to bed. So, all in all, it was a nice holiday. Nothing too spectacular, but hey, it was fun.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where did the time go??

Sarah, my little bundle of joy & energy & spunk, is turning 2 next week. ACK!!! How did this happen??? Here we were, just plugging along with our life, and she goes in turns into a full blown toddler. And toddling, she is. She's WALKING!!!!! Only about 5-8 steps at a time, but it's a start. She's also standing up on her own in the middle of the room. Her favorite mode of transportation is still bear crawling, which she can do at lightning speed, but walking is coming along.

Her little personality is also coming out. She definitely knows what she wants & doesn't want. She instinctively starts fussing every time I carry her to her room, because she thinks she's being put to bed, lol. She's also starting to NOT like being carried at all. She'll put her feet up against my side and push away, making it very hard to hold her. She's still a chow hound, eating practically everything you put in front of her (although she recently told us she doesn't like cantelope or broccoli). Her reflux is starting to rear it's ugly head again, so it might be time to go back on the Prevacid. Either that or her sensativity to milk products is getting worse.
She's still in adoration with her big sister. I think it's really helped Sarah have a big sister to role-model and play with her. Pretty soon Emma will have TWO little girls who love her & follow her around, isn't she lucky??
Sarah's signing is coming along nicely. It's kinda taken a back seat to her gross motor surge lately, but she hasn't forgotten them completely. She has a speech eval coming up, so I'm really hoping she now qualifies for services. I know, especially with our experience with Emma, that speech can be such a fickle thing. I really truly blame Emma's numerous ear infections when she was younger for her speech issues. And I know Sarah has the propensity for speech issues, as well, with having Down syndrome. And even if she is in speech until she's 18, it won't matter to me, but I want to give her the best shot I can at being able to speak clearly.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm not cranky, I'm teething

This is probably what Sarah would have told us this week, as she went 3 days in a row with little to no nap, and 3 nights in a row of not falling asleep until 10:30pm or later, and then being up, bright-eyed & bushy-tailed at 7am. This is what she would have told us, if she could articulate those words. But, instead, it came out, "I'm crying, and I don't know why, I won't sleep, I refuse to be still, and I'm generally not a happy camper. " And, she had every right to be cranky. This kid got 3 of her 4 two-year molars this week. Ouch. No wonder she's been a crab apple. But, she seems to be doing better this weekend, although she did go until about 11 pm last night before finally falling asleep (but I think part of that had to do with having a nasty diaper). Here we were, stars in our eyes, thinking that for her birthday (in a week and half), we'd make the big-girl jump to a toddler bed. I still want to try it, and see how it goes, but I'm thinking in the back of my mind that she's still going to be in her crib when the baby comes. I don't want to push her into something she's not ready for, but at the same time, I really don't want to buy a $200 crib so that each kid can have their own. The new baby will be in the bassinette for a few months, and that might buy us some time, but I worry that Sarah will regress a little bit and might fight us on the change. We shall see. I figured we could give it a try before the baby comes & if it works, great. If not, then at least it's there for when she IS ready. Emma didn't switch to a twin bed until she was over 3, but that's mostly because I was lazy & didn't push it. I KNOW Sarah's too small for the extra twin bed we have. But a toddler bed uses a crib mattress, and is only about 5-7 inches off the ground. So, in case (or WHEN) she falls out, it won't be a terrible fall. I can just imagine though, with this kid being a night owl lately & waking up at 7am on the dot every morning, that we will need to either keep her door closed, or put a baby gate up. Otherwise, she'll be in the kitchen, getting into the trash & the bathtub, all the while we're sleeping downstairs. Or, she'll go into Emma's room & wake her up. Well...considering that's what Emma does to US the on weekends, maybe it's not a terrible thing for her to experience it a bit, lol.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Mania

Ok, so I'm a 28 year old SAHM who loves Harry Potter. I also play video games, as in, "I'm the one online til midnight playing World of Warcraft with my husband cause we just gotta kill Rag in MC" type of gamer. Now there's another game out to take away any semblence of an outside life I had. Add "Kingdom Hearts" to my list of mania's. "Kingdom Hearts 2" just came out last week, and while we haven't been playing non-stop, it pretty much took up our Saturday & Sunday. We've been playing as a family, because it's got Disney characters in it, which Emma loves. We've already gone through the Beauty & the Beast world, and Mulan's world. We're halfway through the Hercules world. We let her play when the bad guys are easy, which makes her feel a part of it. And, she's surprisingly very good. Well I guess I shouldn't say "surprisingly", the kid's been playing video games since she was 3. But, even I find it hard to manipulate the PS2 controller every once in awhile and she's pretty good at it.
Don't worry, we don't just let her play "fun" games, we also make sure she plays some education games as well. The problem is, she goes through these in about an hour. We bought 2 (a math one & reading one) before K started. She's been through those at least once every two weeks since the beginning of school. I think I need to find something a bit more challenging. We may need to get her a bigger place to keep all her games. She's got a CD case that holds about 12 CD's and it's almost full.