Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter at the Wilson's

If you're expecting some grandiose blog. filled with exciting tidbits, well, go read another blog. Our Easter was fun, to be sure, but nothing to write home about...wait, I guess I AM writing about it, lol.
It all started on Saturday evening, after realizing that we had no food in the house, that I trekked over to the store. We also needed some Easter Bunny supplies, but like most places on the eve of Easter, there were practically none to be had. There were no baskets, no eggs, barely any candy. Jeffrey, in his infinite wisdom, had thrown away the girls' baskets from last year just last week. :\ Thankfully we still had our cache of plastic eggs. But, what to put them in. So, after spending nearly 3 hours at the grocery store, I went to Wal-Mart after the girls were in bed. They had a fewbaskets left, so I picked a couple of really cute ones: a purple wire one with wire flowers & butterflies on it for Emma, and a plush ladybug one for Sarah. The Easter Bunny also got the girls each a book and a toy (Emma got a hula-hoop and Sarah a plush ducky).
Before going to bed, Emma had insisted that we make the Easter Bunny a plate (just like we do with Santa) of something yummy. So, we made a little serving of cut up carrots for him. And a glass of water with ice (because he'll be thirsty mom).
So, after the girls were asleep, Jeff & I had the fun job of "helping" the Easter Bunny fill up the eggs with candy, getting together their baskets, and setting everything up. The eggs were "hidden" around the house for the girls to find in the morning.
Emma was up, bright & early, at 7am. Sarah wasn't far behind. Emma found most of the eggs, but let Sarah find a few, too. After getting everyone washed & dressed, we went out to brunch. Emma had been asking us for a week to be able to fly her kite, so we decided to go to the park for a little while. We also brought her bike. After 5 minutes of flying the kite, Emma decided she was bored. So, it was off to play on the playground equipment. Apparently my huge belly belies my condition, as she was requesting that I play hide and seek with her. I told her that the only place I would be able to hide was inside the slides, and that I would most likely get stuck, so no thanks. So then it was off to ride her bike for a little while, and then home. Sarah must have been worn out because she went down for a 3 hour nap. Then we had dinner, and after watching a movie, the kids went to bed. So, all in all, it was a nice holiday. Nothing too spectacular, but hey, it was fun.

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