Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where do they pick up this stuff???

Ok, about a week & a half ago, Sarah had a huge blow out in her diaper. Actually, she then proceeded to take OFF her diaper & spread the lovliness all over her crib & self. Not fun, for either of us. Two days later, Emma started throwing up, no other symptoms, just projectile vomiting every once in awhile. Four days go by, nothing out of the ordinary. Then, BOTH of them started throwing up. Tuesday night alone, I think I changed about 4 sets of sheets. So, I kept Emma home from school the next day (to her utter distraughtness) and took them to the Pedi's. Sarah had already been scheduled for her 2 year well baby, so it was easy to just add Emma to the agenda. The pedi didn't know what was up, but suggested that they be put on the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet after 24 hours of clear liquids (jello, gatorade). That lasted all of 36 hours, due to the fact that it's hard to keep kids happy on that diet. So, on Friday, Sarah had an AWFUL diaper. Poor kid was miserable. That night, more puking, 3 times in about 30 minutes. I decided that was enough, and took her to the ER. Someone had mentioned to me, after telling them her symptoms, that she might have rotavirus. Ugh, the one thing I hadn't thought of. So, off we go (it was after midnight, so Jeff stayed home with a sleeping Emma) and after examining her, and hearing what she'd been through in the past week, the PA on call said it was most likely rotavirus. And that Emma probably had it, too, but was able to fight it off easier than Sarah. So, after getting poked in the finger for blood (which, surprisingly she didn't even flinch at), and getting x-rays taken (to make sure she hadn't punctured her bowels), and then getting an IV in her foot (cause her arm wouldn't cooperate) to get some fluids, we were finally allowed to go home (with instructions to do the BRAT diet again, only NO applesauce or bananas) at 5:30am. So, poor Sarah's been having very boring & bland foods since Saturday. No juice, no milk, only Pedialyte, which is EXPENSIVE! And pretty much nothing else but toast, bread, dry cereal, and cooked veggies. I took a chance & gave her some cut up hotdog last night, but she wasn't interested. She only wanted to dip her bun in Emma's ketchup, lol.
So, I've got 5 more weeks left of this pregnancy, if she holds out that long. My aunt & sister are coming out on the 24th of May for 3 weeks!! I'm very excited, and so is Emma. Something tells me Tracey will be sick of being an aunt by the time she leaves; Emma will probably attach herself to Tracey's hip as soon as she gets here. My sister's 20 & goes to school in San Diego at Point Loma Nazarene college. She's never seen a baby born before, so it should be interesting for her, to say the least. She may never want children after this trip, lol.

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