Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sigh of relief

Well, my aunt & sister have arrived in town, so I've given my body permission to go into labor whenever. I have the carseat/stroller, we have a bed for her to sleep in, clothes for her to wear, and people to watch our kids. We're all set.
We seriously thought I might be starting labor last night, but it was just the baby poking at my cervix, nice feeling. But, we're going to be walking a lot & I'm no longer trying to "take it easy". I'm not over-doing it, but I'm also not walking on eggshells. Plus, if I go into labor while doing dishes, I think that's probably a card I could use for awhile.
Sarah's having fun with my sister, as is Emma. Jeff, unfortunately, has to work until the baby actually arrives, so he's missing out on the fun during the day, but he'll be off this weekend.
Emma has a birthday party to attend this Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. There's supposed to be a thunderstorm tonight (typical summer Michigan weather). But, it's warm, which only means one thing: humidity. Joy. I will be so glad when this baby is out & I can have my normal temperature range back.


Anonymous said...

Good luck amanda and jeff. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little great granddaughter!!!! You are so lucky to have the girls. We tried over and over but only had boys!! I'm glad you have help now, I'm sure you are too!!!!!! Love to all of you. Grandma Pat and Grandpa Jack

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of her when she arrives! I know she will be beautiful like her sisters :)

I am so happy for you both!

Love, Jen and Scott

Naomi said...

Good luck with everything.

Wishing you a wonderful birth experience and looking forward to meeting your new addition.

Jeff said...

You're having a girl!? Can we name her Afro Thunder?!