Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where did the time go??

Sarah, my little bundle of joy & energy & spunk, is turning 2 next week. ACK!!! How did this happen??? Here we were, just plugging along with our life, and she goes in turns into a full blown toddler. And toddling, she is. She's WALKING!!!!! Only about 5-8 steps at a time, but it's a start. She's also standing up on her own in the middle of the room. Her favorite mode of transportation is still bear crawling, which she can do at lightning speed, but walking is coming along.

Her little personality is also coming out. She definitely knows what she wants & doesn't want. She instinctively starts fussing every time I carry her to her room, because she thinks she's being put to bed, lol. She's also starting to NOT like being carried at all. She'll put her feet up against my side and push away, making it very hard to hold her. She's still a chow hound, eating practically everything you put in front of her (although she recently told us she doesn't like cantelope or broccoli). Her reflux is starting to rear it's ugly head again, so it might be time to go back on the Prevacid. Either that or her sensativity to milk products is getting worse.
She's still in adoration with her big sister. I think it's really helped Sarah have a big sister to role-model and play with her. Pretty soon Emma will have TWO little girls who love her & follow her around, isn't she lucky??
Sarah's signing is coming along nicely. It's kinda taken a back seat to her gross motor surge lately, but she hasn't forgotten them completely. She has a speech eval coming up, so I'm really hoping she now qualifies for services. I know, especially with our experience with Emma, that speech can be such a fickle thing. I really truly blame Emma's numerous ear infections when she was younger for her speech issues. And I know Sarah has the propensity for speech issues, as well, with having Down syndrome. And even if she is in speech until she's 18, it won't matter to me, but I want to give her the best shot I can at being able to speak clearly.

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Trizza Grantham said...

How exciting that Sarah is doing so well on her walking! Go, girl, go!