Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Mania

Ok, so I'm a 28 year old SAHM who loves Harry Potter. I also play video games, as in, "I'm the one online til midnight playing World of Warcraft with my husband cause we just gotta kill Rag in MC" type of gamer. Now there's another game out to take away any semblence of an outside life I had. Add "Kingdom Hearts" to my list of mania's. "Kingdom Hearts 2" just came out last week, and while we haven't been playing non-stop, it pretty much took up our Saturday & Sunday. We've been playing as a family, because it's got Disney characters in it, which Emma loves. We've already gone through the Beauty & the Beast world, and Mulan's world. We're halfway through the Hercules world. We let her play when the bad guys are easy, which makes her feel a part of it. And, she's surprisingly very good. Well I guess I shouldn't say "surprisingly", the kid's been playing video games since she was 3. But, even I find it hard to manipulate the PS2 controller every once in awhile and she's pretty good at it.
Don't worry, we don't just let her play "fun" games, we also make sure she plays some education games as well. The problem is, she goes through these in about an hour. We bought 2 (a math one & reading one) before K started. She's been through those at least once every two weeks since the beginning of school. I think I need to find something a bit more challenging. We may need to get her a bigger place to keep all her games. She's got a CD case that holds about 12 CD's and it's almost full.

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Trizza Grantham said...

That game sounds sweet! Do they make it for X-Box? I will have to check! :-)