Sunday, June 12, 2005

Birthday cake & the doctor's office

What a combination in less than 6 hours. Emma went to her first school-friend's birthday party yesterday. It was for Sarah, who was turning 5. It was at a local McDonald's, and it was pretty fun. All the kids had a Happy Meal, a small ice cream and a piece of cake. Then they played games & ran around on the big play gym that they have. Emma had started to tell me that her tummy wasn't feeling very well while she was eating her cake, but I just thought she'd had too much. She didn't say anything after that. We went home, where Jeff had stayed with Sarah, because she was sick. She'd had a cold all week and it has started to get worse. When I got home, her temp was 102 and she was lethargic and could barely keep her eyes open. She hadn't been sleeping well and all she wanted to do was nurse. So, off to the Urgent Care we went. Of course, in typical "my kid" style, she perked up by the time we got there, but was still not her usual bubbly self. They took her temp (101), weighed her (still only 15 lbs.), and then stuck us in a room for an hour. She was pretty content just to lie on the table & be played with. A nurse came in and took samples of her snot (yucka) and a doctor listened to her breathing. I thought maybe, with her fever & weird breathing, that they'd order chest x-rays, but no. They diagnosed her with nasopharyngitis (a cold, but with an infection) and put her on Zithromax. Yay. But today, she's looking much better and seems to be in a better mood. Still doesn't want to eat that much, but what are you going to do?
In the meantime, while Sarah & I were at the hospital, Emma was having problems of her own. Jeff says that no more than 5 minutes after we'd left, Emma puked all over the floor and in the bathroom sink. He says that at least she recognized the fact that she has to vomit and was on her way to the bathroom, but didn't quite make it the first time. I felt so bad for my little girls. It's no fun to be sick. And, not to mention, both Jeff & I have a cold, as well. It comes in rounds for our household.

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