Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More snow

I kid you not, it's been snowing (albeit lightly) non-stop for 36 hours. We got about 12 inches last weekend, and approx. 10-12 more inches since Sunday night. This is insane. Driving around last night, between gymnastics & picking Jeff up from work, was nerve-wracking. I was slipping & sliding all over the place & people take serious risks around here. College students (no offense to any who read this) can't drive worth anything. And since they make up 50% of the population of this town, that means there's a good chance that the person in the car next to, in front of, and behind you are ALL college students. Doesn't make me feel too safe. Oh, I'm sure, in normal conditions (i.e. NO SNOW) they would be great drivers. But, something about falling white stuff makes them completely incapable of making good decisions.
Ok, enough of my rant.
Don't get me wrong, when I don't have to go anywhere, the snow is beautiful. It's certainly better than looking at a yard full of dead, yellow grass and puddles everywhere. But trying to function while having to bundle up 2 kids in layers of clothing and schlep them to appointments/school/anywhere is not fun. I am SO craving spring. This is about the time of year when you forget what green grass looks like and how nice & warm the sun is supposed to be. That's when you know the novelty of winter has worn off. The same thing happens during the summer. You forget how cold & brutal the winter can be. But, at that point, you don't care.
I'm going to sign Emma up for some sort of sport during the spring & summer. I know she'll be bored to tears if we don't get her involved in something. I think they have T-Ball and swimming. That would be fun. She's doing gymnastics again and she's really enjoying it.
We went to Midland mall over the weekend to pick up a book from Barnes & Noble. While we were there, we decided to go to Payless Shoes to see if they had any that Jeff liked. Poor guy only has one pair that fit him right now. He's got wide feet. I thought, just for kicks, we'd see if there were ay that Emma might like. I remembered that I really didn't know what size her feet were. We measured and she's practically a size 12. A 12!!!! She was a 10 1/2 about 6 months ago. That made me feel terrible, because I realized that meant she had no shoes that were the correct size. This kid is growing like a weed. So we bought her one pair of sneakers. Hopefully those will last until the snow's gone, and then we'll buy her a few more. Snow boots and sneakers are all she really needs at this time of year. Thank goodness for hand-me-downs, otherwise this kid might not have any shoes! She grows out of them too quickly.
And Sarah, on the other hand, seems like she's never going to grow. A little boy, who has Ds, and was born on the same day as Sarah, albeit 9 weeks early, and was only 3 lbs. at birth is now bigger, in weight & length, than Sarah. You'd think I was starving her or something. She's such a tiny thing.
One good thing is I think she's finally learned how to put herself to sleep. I put her down for a nap yesterday & today and down to sleep for the night while she was awake. 2 out of the 3 times she went down without even a whimper. She talked to herself for a little while, but fell asleep pretty easily. And she slept from around 10pm last night to 7am this morning. Now, if only spring would hurry up and get here, life would be perfect.


Mom said...

Congratulations! You got to sleep thru the whole night? Did you wake up completely startled when you saw daylight and wonder what happened?

Amanda said...

I wasn't completely startled, more like pleasantly surprised. Of course, last night, she decided to wake up at 2:30am and sleep with us, waking on & off. So, I guess a schedule just isn't her thing.