Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sad day

An online friend of mine lost her little boy yesterday. He was 17 months old and had Down syndrome. It's very sad. He'd had a lot of health issues and was doing so well! I've been in shock all day. The outpouring of love for this little boy has been awesome. His mom has always been a pillar of strength, always encouraging others when they need it, and all the while being a wonderful and supportive mom to 3 kids. I can't imagine her pain right now. My heart is breaking for her. I couldn't even comprehend the thought of losing Emma or Sarah. It would thoroughly break me. Jeff thinks I'm paranoid by always checking on them while they're asleep, but you never know. This little boy was taking a nap and he somehow pulled out his trach and suffocated. It's just so sad. I'm going to go kiss my sleeping babies now.

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