Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pass the tissue

We're all still sick here. I went to the doctor yesterday, and I have a viral infection. Yay. More drugs. Poor Sarah's face is chapped from all the wiping of snot, Emma's got a bad cough & mommy sounds like a frog has taken up residence in her larynx. Sarah had an ENT appointment this morning, and all's well. Her hearing tested fine, and her ear canals aren't so small that they can't see her ear drums, which is a good thing. He also said, as of right now, she doesn't have an ear infection. I'm hoping that stays true until her cold is gone. Emma stayed home from school again today. She went yesterday, but her cough got worse through the evening, and I just decided it wasn't worth it. I just hope she didn't spread her germs to the entire class.
We got Sarah's new car sat in today!!! I installed it, very easy, and she had her first trip. To Rite-Aid & Meijer, what fun! She seems to like it, as she fell asleep in it on the way home. I guess that means it's comfortable. It's going to be an adjustment to having to take her to & from the car now without the infant seat, but it should be fine. She likes sitting in grocery carts, so that's not a big deal.
After I start feeling better, I'm going to need to sterilize this whole house. Get out the rubbing alcohol. Spring better "spring" soon, otherwise, we're all going to end up with pneumonia. On a positive note, there's only 2 days of snow forecast for the next week and a half. Yay, maybe by May, all the snow will be gone! Grrr. I hate the midwest right now. I can't even remember what green grass looks like anymore. How sad is that. At least Emma is trying to be optimistic. She keeps saying that "spring is coming!" She's finally tired of winter, too. She says her coat is too "fluffy". We bought her an Easter dress today, complete with shoes & a cute little purse. It's sleeveless, so unless something drastic happens between now & Sunday, no one's going to see it under her "fluffy" coat. I think we're going to church on Sunday. With a quick stop at Krispy Kreme on the way (bribery for Jeff). I know my dad's family will probably be meeting at Marie Callendar's for brunch. And it'll probably be warm. (Insert image of me green with envy) Anyone for hunting Easter eggs in the snow?? If we leave them white, it'll add to the fun!!!

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