Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Ours was relaxing, to a point. We went to church, which we don't get to do very often, as our church is 65 miles away. But, we went. I was happy we did. It was nice. We met a lot of people, Emma had fun and we all got Krispy Kreme on the way. But, as with any drive into Lansing, we had to do something else to make the hour and 15 minute long drive just a little more worth it. So, we went to Applebee's for lunch. Sarah sat in a high chair and didn't want to eat her fruit puffs. She instead, wanted my pickle. I had 2 slices of pickle with my chicken fajita roll-up and she wanted them. She went after that thing. She was sucking all the juices out of it & trying to eat the middle flesh, all with this look on her face like, this tastes weird, but I like it! Like when Jeff eats a pickle and he does this all over body shiver. I guess pickles just have that affect on our family.
Emma got a bike from the Easter Bunny. Santa was going to get her one, but didn't feel it was fair to give a child a bike in the middle of winter in Michigan. She wouldn't have been able to ride it until, well, now. So, it was the Easter Bunny's dubious job to get one for her. He found one on sale, not bad. He had some help, as mommy & daddy put it together at midnight, while cursing the vague directions (why do they give me instructions for handle brakes, when there ARE NO handle brakes on this bike??). It's purple & pink, Emma's 2 favorite colors. Now all we need is a trailer for Sarah & I can go riding with her.
The day would have been that much better if we all still weren't sick. Not Jeff, though, that super-human immune system he has is still in full swing. Emma's still coughing & snotty, Sarah's just snotty, and me, well, I've been better. When I went to the doctor's last week, she said to come back in if things got worse. Mind you, I'm already on nasal spray & Rx decongestant. Yet, things have gotten worse. The entire left side of my face HURTS! I think my sinuses are backed up to my chin, if that's possible. And this morning, green snot. Yay!!! More infection. Things could be worse, though. I read this online journal at, entitiled "Bringing up Ben & Birdy" about a Mass. women who has 2 kids, Ben, 5, and Birdy (Abigail), almost 2. Her kids tend to be sick...a lot. This last weeks entry talked about Birdy puking numerous times in the car, and then EVERYONE getting sick, as well. Her son Ben had a 10 day fever a few weeks ago. While I've dealt with the puking in the car (on a road trip with Emma in CA by myself, before Sarah), I don't think I could handle the kids being that sick, that often. Emma, of course, thinks she's fine, and it doesn't seem to bother her that she's constantly sniffing or that her cough sounds just it did a week ago. Grrr, I hate all this sickness.

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