Sunday, March 20, 2005


I think we all need to be hosed down & sterilized. Someone brought a bug into this house & now we ALL have it. Emma's got a cough & a mild fever, Sarah & I have the runny nose and sore throat and I don't know what Jeff has, as he's still sleeping. Today's his day to sleep in, lucky bum. Sarah kept us both up last night, so I'm running on maybe 3-4 hours of solid sleep. She finally fell back asleep about an hour after I finally admitted defeat & rolled out of bed. Emma's lounging & coughing on the couch while watching "The Smurfs". I told Jeff last night that I was getting sick. Argh, I hate that I can feel it coming on, but there's nothing I can do about it. But I'm sure if Jeff has caught what we did, he'll be over it in about a day. That guy's got an immune system of steel. He once had an abcessed wisdom tooth which spread into strep throat and he was still joking (it WAS kinda funny that this happened on his birthday, while he was on leave from boot camp). I think it's this climate we live in. I don't think I've ever been as sick as I have been since we moved to Michigan. While I was pregnant with Sarah, I had 2-week colds 3 times, one of which turned into bronchitis. Nasty. Not to mention, here it is, 2 days before spring, and it's SNOWING AGAIN!!!!
Yesterday was the college's Easter Egg Scramble. it was pretty fun. They had different age groups go at different times, so it wasn't so hectic. Emma had a blast running around. She got a few eggs and pieces of candy. Sarah just loved being there. She watched Emma play with the kids. Afterwards, we went to Coldstone. What else would you do on a snowy mid-western afternoon? Speaking of which, we have discovered that Sarah LOVES ice cream. She will throw a baby fit if you take it away from her before she's finished. She could be screaming her head off, but if you put the spoon with some ice cream on it in front of her face, it's instant silence. It's too funny.

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