Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Back to school

Emma started school again yesterday. After having 2 weeks off, she was glad to go back. Of course, we were late the first day back, as we had to drive to Bay City to get our car fixed. They had a recall on our Odyssey, something about a fuel pump connector. Anyways, it required I drive an hour to get it fixed. It (along with a standard oil change) was supposed to take an hour and half. Two and half hours later we left. I was racing back towards home, to try & get Emma to school as on time as possible. We were only 20 minutes late. She didn't even miss snack.
Emma also had gymnastics last night, which she was very excited about. She and her friend Morgan always have so much fun together there.
Jeff also started back to school yesterday, after his one week off for Spring Break. He's not as excited as Emma. But, at least this means the semester is half over.
We have "Kindergarten Night" tonight. I asked Sue (Morgan's mom) what this all entailed and she said basically, they tell you about registering and the dates for everything. She also said that they've decided to changed the school schedule for K next year. So, instead of going full days on Monday & Wednesday and only a half day on Friday, I think Emma will be going everyday, for at least a half day. I like that a whole lot better than the other schedule they had. That was ridiculous. Jeff, unfortunately can't go tonight. He has a business meeting with a company called APC. He has to go schmooze (or get schmoozed) at a business dinner at the Embers. Oh well, hopefully they'll send us home with lots of hand-outs. I think Sue also said something about testing. Yikes, I hate that word. I never liked the idea of someone, who doesn't know my child, using an arbitrary test to determine what her strengths and weaknesses are and therefore putting her in a little box with a label. But, I guess that's what the school system is known for and I better get used to it.
I'm feeling much better this week after my trip to the ER last week. It took me until about Friday to feel 100%. Whatever caused the gastritis was just too weird & flukey. But, I'm back to my old self again. I don't what caused it, so it's kinda hard to try & keep it from happening again.
Jeff & I are once again WAY too involved with an MMORPG (MAssively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game). Instead of Final Fantasy XI, which we quit playing a few months back, now we're into World of Warcraft. I'm thinking I like this one better. I am, once again, a magic dealer and Jeff's the smash-em-up guy. He's a Paladin, so that means he can also heal, which is nice. The only thing that's different now is that we're playing together, at the same time. So, we go out on quests together & are staying the same level. It's nice because his character can hit harder than my character but I can deal more damage from far away. And if we get into trouble, he can heal my character. Jeff's job bought him a new laptop, so he's very excited about being able to play the game on that. So now you know what we do after the kids go to games online, just like the other geeks.

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