Monday, February 21, 2005

California Dreamin'

Ok, so just the other day, I was remarking to Jeff how this winter has been so much milder than last winter. Last winter, we got a huge snow in early January and it just accumulated & accumulated until it started melting near the end of March. This year, we've gotten little dustings here & there, but nothing huge. Until yesterday. 12 inches in a day. A whole freakin' foot of snow. We had to RAMP out of our driveway this morning. And that was AFTER poor Jeff spent 20 minutes trying to shovel it so we could back out of the garage. This is insane. This is only about halfway into the snowstorm. We had a ski ramp on our front porch. It got about 6 inches higher by the time the snow stopped.

Not that life in California is any easier at this point. More rain & mudslides. Fun fun. I think the snow might be the better of the two. At least Emma will have a blast at school today. They get 30 minutes at the end of class to go outside for recess. Because it's stopped snowing, they should be allowed outside. It's not that cold out, so they should be fine.

I had been hoping for one more big snow before spring so we could get the kids out in it to get some great pictures. But, I wanted them to be able to play in it, not get lost in it.

Sarah's intestinal problems seem to have worked themselves out. Now that she's on baby 2nd foods, I think it's just how she's going to "go" now. It was a big change for her little body, so it's taken a little while for her to adjust. But she seems to be doing better. Now, if only her teeth would hurry up & come in so we could get some sleep. Poor baby. Her body's just getting attacked from all angles.

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