Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Medical mix-ups

Ok, so the whole 130 mile round trip drive to Lansing WAS pointless. I could have gotten the same information over the phone from the opthamologist. Stupid people that I spoke to yesterday weren't at the actual doctor's office, it was a message center. Grrr. Oh well, I got Sarah's eyeglass Rx. It's actually pretty strong, a +5.50 with a +1.0 astigmatism. Considering my nearsightedness was about -8.75, it's pretty bad for a baby. I feel so guilty now, knowing how hard it's been for her to see. I'm wondering how much it's held her back from her gross & fine motor skills.
Jeff & I went to get our flu shots yesterday at the health department. We went while Emma was in school, as to minimize our stress. It cost $40 for both shots. We made small talk with the nurse while we were getting them. Jeff had mentioned that he was a Veteran and had been given numerous different shots, including small pox & anthrax vaccines whil in the Navy. We had to wait about 15 minutes after the shot to make sure we didn't have a reaction to it. While we were waiting, the nurse who had administered the shots came back & asked us if Sarah had Down syndrome. Of course, we said yes. She then asked us if we'd been in contact with Children's Special Health care. I told her yes, but that I always ended up forgetting the paperwork before doctor's appointments and that most of the medical costs had been covered by our insurance. But, we went back & spoke to the lady in charge anyways. I'd spoken to her back in September before Sarah's genetic appointment in Lansing. I told her about Sarah needing glasses and she said because it was considered a medical need, that CSHC could probably cover it. But, it would take about 3 weeks to find out yes/no. We decided to go with it, because, what could we lose? While we were talking to her, the nurse came back in and handed us our check that we had given them to pay for the flu shots. She said that the person in charge wanted to thank Jeff for his service to our country & that we didn't need to pay for the shots. We were pleasantly surprised. That's really the first time since Jeff got out of the Navy that we'd experienced anything like that. Talk about a perk!
So, when I got home, I did a little research to find out if I could wait the 3-6 weeks for CSHC to approve/disapprove Sarah's diagnosis for glasses and pay for them. I'm thinking we're going to have to wait & see, because her glasses are going to cost roughly $170. Oh fun. Since we can't sign up for Vision coverage until open enrollment, which I think is in September, we'll just have to wait.
Oh, by the way, Emma got her flu shot on Monday. Not a fun time had by anyone. She hasn't had any shots of any kind since about age 2, so she was not happy about it. I tried to take her mind off it, but she was too freaked out by the needle. I felt so bad, the poor kid was screaming and thrashing around, which probably didn't feel very good when she got poked. Needless to say, she milked attention and extra cuddles from Jeff & I the whole day. But, she had pulled off her band-aid by gymnastics that night, so apparently it wasn't too bad.

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