Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Living Dead Girl

Sarah is teething and none of us are getting any sleep. Sunday night was the worst. I think Jeff & I got about 3 hours sleep, total. Sarah ended up sleeping (HA, not the right word) in our bed because we were too exhausted to climb up and down the stairs to her room. She's getting all 4 of her top teeth and the poor child apparently can't sleep because of it. She's constantly squirming in her crib, gnawing on her hand & fingers, writhing in pain. I decided to give her Tylenol last night before bed, thinking that would help. It did, until about 3:30am, when it apparently wore off. I couldn't get her calmed down, so I gave her some more medicine and basically had to let her cry it out. I'm desperately trying to stick to my guns about not feeding her at night. But another couple of nights like the past 2 and I might reconsider. But, I think one of the teeth finally broke through her gums, so hopefully we'll all have some relief soon.
Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I was a walking zombie yesterday, we were all lucky we had dinner before midnight. Emma's school doesn't really celebrate anything, but we were told the kids could bring valentines to give to each other, but there wouldn't be any special time. Just put them in each of their cubbies. I decided at the last minute to do something. So while Emma was in school, Sarah & I went grocery shopping and I bought a valentine's kit to hand out. I did all the work and gave them to the teacher to put in the kids' cubbies before they went home. Only 2 other kids brought valentine's but it was still nice.
Emma went to her first real birthday party on Sunday. It was for a little boy who's in the playgroup that Sarah attends. His name is Blaine. He was turning 3. He's the one that follows Emma around like a puppy dog at playgroup. It was a neat party. It was at the Mount Pleasant Country Club (which sounds more glamorous than it is, this IS Mount Pleasant, not San Diego), and they had hired a clown, which was neat for the kids. Emma was mostly interested in when Blaine was going to open his gifts. She LOVES helping to open gifts. She got kind of upset when they weren't allowed to play with the gifts after he opened them, which is what we did at her party. But, she had a blast. She came home with 2 balloon animals and a bag of candy, it was a good day.
Sarah has her 9 month well-baby check-up this afternoon, even though she's almost 10 months old. I think she's getting at least 2 shots, but I'm not sure. I'm anxious to see how long she is. I know she weighs about 15 lb. 5 oz., due to having to take her in on my birthday for the pink eye. She's still such a petite thing. She's starting to get such a personality. She loves playing in the bathtub. She'll splash the water & play with her rubber duckie. She & Emma get along so well. Sarah loves watching her big sister play, even if only to watch for a chance to grab Emma's hair and eat it. I know that Sarah is anxious to be able to move so she can follow Emma around.

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