Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday

Even though our favorite team (the 49ers) or even our second favorite team (the Chargers) weren't in the Super Bowl, Jeff & I still made it a priority to watch it. We love football, it's that simple. I, having gone through high school surrounded by football between friends/boyfriends/cheerleading, still have no clue about certain aspects of the game. I couldn't distinguish a middle line backer from a defensive end. But that doesn't matter to me. Jeff is the one who knows all about football. He played it in high school, he plays Madden, he was even part of a local "Fantasy Football" league this past season. He didn't do so well, but that's because his players got hurt/sucked. It was nice that we had NFL Sunday Ticket this season, as it allowed us to watch the games that we wouldn't get locally.
I had my birthday gift on Saturday. Jeff got me a spa package at a local salon & day spa. I had a facial, massage, manicure & pedicure (both of which I'd never had before). It was really nice. I definitely felt pampered for a few hours. Jeff was home alone with the kids for about 4 1/2 hours. Poor guy had tons of homework to do, but it was kinda hard with the children wanting attention the whole time. He basically spent every waking moment from Saturday afternoon til kickoff yesterday evening finishing it so we could watch the game in peace.
I also got my Valentine's Day gift early yesterday. A few weeks ago, we sent my wedding ring in to be fixed. A diamond had fallen out of it and I've been wearing my Anniversary ring in place of it. It finally came in this week, so we made the drive over to Midland to pick it up. It's nice to be wearing it again. Now Jeff thinks he's racked up"good husband" points and can ask for some frivolous stuff for Valentine's Day (i.e. video game). Apparently a $55 video game is equal to a wedding ring. Whatever, as long as it makes him happy.
I was trying to get out of driving to Lansing tomorrow for Sarah's eye appointment. I already know I want her to get glasses, so I was hoping the doctor could just call or fax her prescription to where I'm getting her glasses. No such luck. Looks like I get to drive 60 miles each way in the snow, yay.
Emma lost another tooth! She was brushing her teeth on Friday and her other bottom tooth fell out. So now she has trouble biting things, like food. She has to use her side teeth to get a good bite of something. I don't see her permanent teeth coming in anytime soon, so looks like she'll be toothless for a little while.

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