Friday, January 28, 2005

Happy Friday!

Emma ended up going to school yesterday. I gave her some cough medicine and that helped, but I keep having to give it to her every 8 hours or so. She doesn't have many other symptoms, just the cough, little stuffy nose and occasional sneezing, but no fever. Whatever it is certainly isn't stopping her from running around & playing.
We went to Wal-Mart yesterday after school so Emma could use the money she's accumulated from Christmas & the Tooth Fairy. It was only $3 (as she spent her other Christmas money). We spent AN HOUR walking through the toy section, with Emma pointing out things she wanted, but I kept having to tell her that she didn't have enough money. I reminded her that if she wanted to wait and save up her money to buy something bigger she could do that. But, like most children, she needs immediate gratification and didn't want to do that. She picked something out after a long time & although it was more than $3 (almost $6), I decided it wouldn't kill us to pick up the slack in price. The other things she'd been wanting were $20+ so $6 wasn't too bad, in comparison.
Sarah is starting to eat so much better. I bought some Gerber baby food yesterday (I'd been buying Del Monte's, but they don't have a great selection of foods) in some varieties that she hadn't tried before. We tested peas last night, and she ate the whole thing! So, now she has 2 favorites: sweet potatoes and peas. Since Jeff doesn't like peas (I can never get him to eat them voluntarily) I told him she must get her eating habits from me. Although I don't think any of us like sweet potatoes, so that must just be a Sarah thing. We tried peaches this morning, but they weren't such a hit. So far, it's "no" to peaches, green beans and squash. We'll have to try those again later. I'm planning on starting her on 2nd foods once she's tried all the 1st foods. They have a bigger selection of tastes with the 2nd foods, along with little complete meals, that include meat, pasta & dessert. We're still introducing her to table foods, but not very often. She had a reaction to Cheerios last week, so I want to keep her on the baby (bland) food as long as possible.

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