Friday, January 14, 2005

Paging the Tooth Fairy

We're going to need the Tooth Fairy on-call. Emma has her first loose tooth! Actually, I think she has 2, both of which are in the beginning stages of coming out. They're the front 2 bottom ones. This is so exciting! It's kinda early, in my eyes, as I didn't think this happened until about age 6-7, but since Emma got her first 2 teeth (ironically enough, these exact 2) by age 4 months, I guess it's fitting that she lose them early, as well.
Sarah is getting the hang of sleeping through the night. Last night she mostly slept from 10pm to 7:30am. Jeff said she woke up once and was whiny for about 5 minutes, but fell back asleep. I think she's finally getting into a routine, which is nice. Now if we can stick to it, it'll be great.
My sister Tracey is leaving today for Fiji. She's going with her church to help the people on a few of the islands there, including a stint on Vanuatu, where the last Survivor was held. She's going to be gone for 6 months.
Emma starts gymnastics again this Monday. We weren't able to get her in last fall, as there was a big interest in it due to the recent Olympic games. Apparently everyone wanted their daughter to be the next Carly Patterson. Plus, since this is Michigan in January, there is snow everywhere. And most people don't want to schlep through the snow just for a sport. Last year, it was a pain because there were Men's Basketball home games practically every week, so we had to park way out in the boonies, and walk even farther in the snow (and I was pregnant at the time). This is, fortunately, her class is on Monday & there are no home games on those nights, so we can park anywhere. Which will make it easier, since I have to now carry Sarah and all of her paraphernalia. Emma's little friend Morgan, whom we used to live by, is also going to be in her class, so that will be fun for the girls.

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