Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Toothless wonder

And no, I'm not talking about Sarah. Emma has lost her 1st tooth!!! After she got home from preschool yesterday, she told me it hurt to eat "crunchy" things, so I looked at her teeth. One of the loose ones was REALLY loose. Wiggly & wagging back & forth, so I knew it wouldn't take long. I was afraid it was going to fall out at gymnastics, so I sent a plastic baggie along with her (her friend Morgan's mom picked her up & dropped her off). She didn't loose it there, and we went through dinner & brushing of teeth without loosing it either. Emma had been in bed for about 45 minutes, still not asleep, when we heard her yelling down to us (we were doing our taxes, yay). We told her to come down to us, as we don't like her yelling for us to come to her from across the house. She comes down, running & all excited and said, My tooth fell out! Well, I was shocked, although I knew it would happen soon, I wasn't expecting it THAT soon, especially after staying in through eating, gymnastics & brushing. I asked her if she'd been messing with it, and she said no, just playing with it with her tongue. Too funny. It was a good thing the "Tooth Fairy" had notice, otherwise she might not have been able to show. Cause you know she's a busy fairy.
But, we made a big deal out of putting the tooth in her pillow that my friend Margaret made about 5 years ago (in a plastic baggie, so it wouldn't get lost) and put the whole pillow under HER pillow. We told her the Tooth Fairy is like Santa, she doesn't show up unless you're asleep. Well, after having been in bed BEFORE the tooth fell out for about an hour & not being asleep, it took her less than 15 minutes to conk out afterwards. So, the Tooth Fairy went in & took her tooth, and put a dollar bill in it's place. The Tooth Fairy then surepticiously hid the tooth in the bookshelf, high above where Emma can see, so that she can then put it somewhere safe at another time.
She has another one that's loose, and I expect she's going to want that one to fall out sooner rather than later. Now that she realizes she gets money for teeth, she wants as much as she can, so she can buy a toy. Jeff & I are going to start her on an allowance and make up a chore chart for her to follow. It will contain the usual chores for a 5 year old: make your bed, keep your room clean, and eat your dinner. That last one is a deal breaker, as she is again not being very cooperative about eating. She thinks everything is gross and is a little negotiator when it comes to food. She'll say, ok, I'll eat 5 bites and then I'll be done, ok? Only her "bites" wouldn't feed a mouse. It's a never ending struggle.

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