Saturday, January 10, 2004

The Weekend

I think between our weather/airline fiasco that had Deanna plane hopping all over the country, our toilet troubles & some serious stress going on at Jeff's job, I am SO glad the weekend's here. I don't even work outside the home & I'm stressed out. I couldn't imagine having to deal with all the extra crap that's out there.
I think my husband sometimes has a death wish. He's taking advantage of the fact that our families live in a time zone that is 3 hours behind us & calls them every Saturday morning, around 8am our time. That's 5 am their time. He thinks this is great fun & apparently plans on doing it the whole time we live here. Most of the time they're pretty good natured about it, but I know, deep down inside, they're cursing his name & plotting revenge. Either that, or they're somehow getting our daughter to do it for them, by physically not being able to sleep past 7am on the weekends. My sleep patterns are pretty much ruined at this stage of my pregnancy, so I'm up every hour, on the hour, with some form of sleep deprivation or another. So I hear the pitter patter of her little feet as she gets up, and immediately comes to our room, with a cheerful & too cute, Good morning! Get up, mommy & daddy! And not that I'm actually going to get anymore sleep out of this, but we somehow con her into thinking that watching TV in her room is much more fun than watching it in our room. And it works for about 30-45 minutes, and then we feel guilty & either get up ourselves or invite her back into our room for some "I'm sorry we banished you back to your room, can you please forgive us" cuddling.
Another personality trait that is coming out is her constant need to be in control of everything. She gets very possessive when we watch TV in the living room & it's not something she'd particularly like to watch at that moment. All of a sudden it's, "My turn, it's my turn!" And no amount of trying to explain that she needs to share will pacify her. I'm about ready to cut her off completely. She actually doesn't watch all that much TV (anymore) but when she does, it's like instant crack, she can't get enough. Definitely need to get her into some other form of extracurricular activity.
Jeff had the dubious honor of finally shoveling the 2 inches of packed snow & ice off our driveway this morning. Now it's not considered the "Slip 'N Slide" of the neighborhood. I'm sure it was great fun for our neighbors to watch me try to bring our trash cans back into the garage the other day. I almost became the human persona of a "beached whale". I could just imagine me trying to get my footing on my frosty driveway after falling on my butt. I think I probably would have just giving up & somehow slid back into the garage where I would be able to get up again without looking like an octopus on ice skates.

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