Thursday, January 29, 2004

The sick house

First of all, I want to apologize for my ranting & raving the other day about ultrasounds. I was in the beginnings of a really bad cold & I felt terrible. Now, to top it all off, Emma's sick as well. We're both home sick today. She wasn't able to go to gymnastics last night because of a puking incident in the car on the way home from picking up Jeff, and she was already getting my cold, to make things worse. Plus, school's been canceled again today, so Jeff just took the car to work & we're stuck at home. Which is fine by me, cause I don't feel much like going outside in this weather.
Poor Jeff, he always takes such good care of us when we're sick. While it doesn't happen very often, I'm usually down for the count when I do get sick. And for Emma to be feeling icky as well just makes everything a little harder. Although she's always resilient when it comes to getting better. She doesn't stay sick for long. I hope that's the case this time around. It's a good thing I cleaned up the house yesterday for a showing otherwise it might not get cleaned for a week. The last time I had a cold, I had it for 2 weeks straight. But my doctor said that I can take Sudafed, the lowest dose possible, so I'm taking that route.
This is not how I imagined feeling going into my birthday. I look horrible, I'm starting to get a cold sore, my nose is raw, and I'm generally a snotty, mucousy, drooling mess. If someone came upon me on the street, they might consider institutionalizing me. Or putting me in a leper colony.
As for the weather, yes it has been snowing quite a lot, and at least I'm not the only one to think it's getting a little extreme. Central Michigan University has a newspaper that comes out once a week. Yesterday's edition had an article about the weather on Tuesday & how horrible it was. There was a quote that I thought summed it up quite well. A student said,"I saw one car go into the ditch and I was like,'Hey, remember that one time when they should have canceled classes?' Oh yeah, that's today." Driving conditions were terrible. The campus is only 1 mile away from our house & in the round trip from leaving to go pick up Jeff & coming home, I probably slid on patches of ice about 8 times. A couple times, it was divine intervention that I didn't have any cars in front of me when I started to slide, because I know I would have hit them. I almost slid into the middle of an intersection and many times had to slide around until I could get traction to move forward. Then, once we got on our street, the snow was piled up so high that we almost got stuck, and then poor Jeff had to get out of the car & push it up the driveway. Oh yeah, and then had to go back outside & shovel the drive. He was a popsicle by the time he came back in. Can you tell we're getting a little frustrated with the weather? I'm sure all the people back in CA are laughing their butts off at us, thinking, HAHA, glad it's you & not me. I would be laughing too if the cold hadn't frozen my sense of humor.

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