Monday, January 12, 2004

A new friend for Emma

Well I finally took myself out of my shell & introduced myself to our neighbor across the street today. I saw her shoveling her driveway & decided I needed to stop being so shy & just do it. I knew she had a little girl right around Emma's age, but I also found out she has a son who is 6 years old. She's a professor at the college & is very nice. She said that her daughter, Morgan, goes to preschool at the college & also to day care, so they're not home most of the day, but she was sure that Morgan would love to get to know Emma. Finally Emma's going to have a friend! I've been feeling so bad for her, leaving all her friends in San Diego and me not having the courage to strike up conversations with any of her preschool friends' parents. I guess it's the strain of moving cross country & having the thoughts in my head that everyone's going to be completely booked with friends & won't have room for Emma. I get too scared to even try. It doesn't help that I feel like Jeff & I are so much younger than most of the couples around here who have kids, that I'm afraid we have nothing in common with anyone except the college students. I mean, who else around here, besides the students, got all excited when "The Return of the King" came out? And I doubt any of the married people that Jeff works with play video games with their wives. I guess we're just weird.
But one good thing I found out talking to my neighbor, they have a lot of classes for young kids at the college. Her daughter's about to start gymnastics, and we're thinking about having Emma start as well, for the same class, so they can be together. They also have 2 sessions on swim lessons during the summer, as well as soccer. So maybe we can help Emma expel some of her excess energy that seems to make this very large house very small at times.
We finally found a company that is building new homes in this area. I've emailed them and hopefully they'll get back to me quickly about the prices. The floor plans look really nice and hopefully if we have a brand new home, it'll sell quickly, if we decide to sell it. That's one thing I'm worried about here. It's not exactly a booming housing market. There's a big revolving population, but it's all the college students, and they probably don't want to buy a house in this area. They'll want to go back to where they're from. It's only one of the big differences between here & California.

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