Saturday, January 31, 2004

A Final Diagnosis

Well, we've finally been told what's been making Emma & I so miserable the past few days. Aside from the weather, that is. We both went to the doctor's yesterday & were both told that we have acute bronchitis. Yay. So we're on a regiment of nose sprays, inhalers & antibiotics for the next 2 weeks to a month. Poor Emma has had the unfortunate extra symptoms of a fever & intermittent throwing up. But she seems to be taking this all in stride & has more energy than I can fathom.
Both our doctors said we should go home & rest, and I was more than happy to do just that. But the child decided, I'm not all that sick, and I can jump & run & play just as hard as I did before without worry. But after about 5 minutes of that, she's coughing up a lung & can't breath all that well. I then remind her that she needs to take it easy and we snuggle up on the couch for about 10 minutes. She then seems to forget her previous experience & wants to jump up & play again. I don't know if it's because she just forgets or if she really doesn't care and all she wants to do is play. Maybe it's a combination of both, but either way, it's exhausting for me.
We were unable to get our meriad of drugs until around 5pm, after we picked Jeff up from work. But poor Emma decided that would be the perfect time to throw up all over daddy. While we were in the store, waiting in line to buy what we needed. Maybe she just wanted to make him feel like one of us, one of the ones who felt terrible. She's always thinking of others.
By the way, I just wanted to say that paying a percentage of what your prescriptions cost instead of just a co-pay, is NOT fun. I don't even know what percentage we pay, but it's expensive, if you ask me. I'm hoping the spacer for Emma's inhaler is going to be covered, because that alone was $32. I am once again reminded how spoiled we were in the Navy.
I was very proud of Emma yesterday. Most of you know that she's had numerous ear infections, her Bell's Palsy last year & many other times where she's had to go to the doctors and get poked & prodded. All of this unwanted attention by people she doesn't know had made her very skittish around anyone from the medical profession. But I'm happy to say that yesterday was the most uneventful time she's ever had at a doctor's office. She didn't cry, whine or even protest when he was checking her out. I think that's a big accomplishment for someone who was once poked with a needle by an amateur med student for 5 minutes straight while they searched around under her skin for a vein. And all she requested after this momentous occasion was a balloon made from a latex glove with a face written in Sharpie marker on it. I suppose I can't complain that she's too demanding.
She was even gracious in the middle of the night when she came into our room & wanted to sleep in our bed at 3am. She had brought her cup of milk that was almost empty and just wanted to snuggle. I noticed, however, that she was burning up, so we got her some more milk & a dose of Children's Tylenol and put her back in her own bed. She seemed happy with that.
It amazes me how much it takes to get this kid down. Getting sick doesn't faze her very much. Even when she had Bell's palsy, and half of her face wasn't moving, she still was happy & cheerful. Where does this endless joy come from? And where can I get some?

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