Friday, August 19, 2005

Open House

Last night, we all went to Emma's school to check out her teacher & classroom. It was pretty exciting! Emma found out where her desk (well, a table with a chair) is, as well as her cubbie, locker, and crayon bin. There may be a few identification issues at first, as there are 3 Emma's in her class this year. There's an Emma F., And Emma K., and then Emma W. Apparently I WASN'T so unique with my name choices. Since my mom is still here visiting, she was able to go with us. I got a bunch of paperwork I need to fill out, as well as figuring out exactly when she's going to ride the bus, give the school money for her snack drinks, and try to convince her to eat the school's hot lunch.
One thing that I think is really cool, is there's a little girl in her class (don't know her name yet) who walks with a walker on wheels. I think it's so awesome to expose young kids to differences in people, so they can get used to the idea that not everyone's the same. She doesn't really see anything difference about Sarah yet, but other little kids might, and I don't want her to think that Sarah's the only one who might be see as "different". Kids can learn tolerance at a young age, and the younger the better, in my opinion. There was a little boy in her preschool who had glasses and most days, had to wear a patch on one eye, due to having a cataract removed when he was a baby. Emma, embarassingly, pointed that out to me one day, and I reminded her that not everyone looks the same, and we need to try not to point out other people's differences and make them feel uncomfortable. Accept people the way they are, and not try to change them to fit our mold. So I'm really looking forward to her starting Kindergarden and being exposed to a whole bunch of new things.

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