Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Coach Jeff

Fall soccer time is here, and Emma's going to play. She really enjoyed the summer soccer, and I think it'll be great for her. Not like she doesn't already have a ton on her plate as it is, but it only lasts about 8 weeks. Then, it gets WAY too cold to play soccer. Jeff had shown interest in being an Assistant coach for her team. Then, it was proposed by a co-worker, that he be bumped up to coach and the co-worker's wife be the assistant. That way, both our kids, their daughter Lauren and our daughter Emma, could be on the same team. So, now Jeff's the Head coach of Team 8 in the Mt. Pleasant Parks & Rec soccer league. He had a meeting last night, where he got all of his "coach gear", including balls, cones and a whole bunch of reading material. Practices start next Thursday, with games on Sunday afternoons. It should be fun! I'm going to be the Team mom, since I know NOTHING about soccer, but I want to help. We've got 11 kids on the team, and the focus is on learning skills and having fun. I vaguely remember watching my little brother (who's 12 now) playing soccer at this age. It was basically a herd of 5 year olds running around, paying no attention to position, with their soccer shorts hanging down to their knees. It's going to be so cute!

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