Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First day pic

Emma had a great day! She didn't eat her hot lunch, and she has a bit of a problem with waiting her turn to talk, and she wants to get out ALL the toys, not just the ones her teacher says she can, but those are all things we can work on. She says she had fun and is really excited to ride the bus to school now. It's just EARLY! I set it up yesterday after school, and they said to expect the bus sometime between 6:30-7am. So, I got up at 6 this morning, got Emma up, and ready by 6:30am. The bus didn't come until almost 7:15. I could have let the child (and not to mention myself) sleep for another 30 minutes. ::sigh:: We've set it up to where she's going to take the bus to & from school 4 days a week, and then one day, she takes it TO school, and I pick her up. That way, I can touch bases with her teacher, pick up any big stuff that she may have forgotten, and pay for her hot lunches in person.

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Kristina said...

awww happy first day of school (late) its so sad when theystart school .. Evan is in 2nd grade already! aaak

ps my word verification made mespell hardyize lmao