Monday, August 22, 2005

First day of school

Ahhhhh! I knew this day was coming, but it's still been a little hard dealing with it. Last night, we got a bath early, set out her clothes, got her backpack together, and "tried" to get to bed early, so we could have a good night's sleep.
Then this morning, I got Emma up, she had breakfast, put on her new outfit, and we all got ready to take her to school. Jeff took a couple pictures, but it was hard, as Emma just wanted to get in there. We hung up her backpack in her locker and put her blanket in her cubby (which reminds me, I need to send in a small pillow, as well). Then she got to work: putting together a puzzle, drawing and meeting her new friends. I don't even think she noticed when we left, but that's good. She ended up having to get a hot lunch today, which I think will be the biggest obstacle for her. She's a VERY picky eater and doesn't like much. But, I'm hoping peer pressure will help in that aspect.
So, you'd think that with one child out of the house all day, things would go pretty smoothly today. Well you'd be wrong. Go ahead, call Child Protective Services, because apparently I have instantly become a crappy parent. I was tossing Sarah up into the air this morning, and she promptly hit her head on the ceiling (BIG stab of guilt #1). THEN, while I'm trying to get her lunch together, I put her in her high chair & before I can put the tray on it, she proceeds to pull herself up and fall headfirst out of the chair, onto the floor (SHOOTING pangs of child abuse running through my head right now, contemplating calling 911). I seriously didn't pick her up right away, afraid she might have hurt her neck, so I just tried to calm her down for a minute, then she was moving around, and I figured she was ok. OMG, I'm a terrible parent. She has become SO quick the last few weeks, constantly on the go, can't sit still for a minute. When I change her diaper, even with the gigantic elastic strap on the changing pad, she still manages to wrangle herself into a sitting position, or tries to roll OFF the table, with the pad still strapped to her waist. I need a huge velcro wall to stick her on so she can't move anywhere or fall off. It's a good thing kids are made of rubber, otherwise we might have serious problems. The funny thing is, she didn't even cry when she hit her head on the ceiling, she just looked at me like, "ok mom, you love me, right? Cause that was just not smart." It's sad when your 16 month old gives you dirty looks, like you're really screwing this up.


PapaCool said...

See for another view and a great Back-To-School cartoon.

Naomi said...

the velcro wall made me laugh.

Glad Emma had a good first day and I'm sure Sarah will forgive you (one day!) ;-)