Monday, July 19, 2004

Sarah's appointment

Sarah had her 2 month well-baby appointment this afternoon. Seeing as how she's going to be 3 months old tomorrow, it seems kinda late, I know. But I was out of town when she turned 2 months, so it could not be helped. But, some good news, she's gained almost 3 pounds since she was 1 month old. She's 11 lbs. 7 3/4 oz., and 22 1/2 inches long. And no, that does NOT include her hair. The doctor says that she's growing great & that she's showing no signs of any problems normally associated with DS. No heart, intestinal, vision or hearing problems, so far. The heart & intestinal or any other major problem should have shown up by now, so it looks like she's in the clear for that. The only bad part was she had to gets shots today. Poor little girl never saw it coming. One minute she's lying on the doctor's table, perfectly happy, staring up at mommy, the next, some maniacal nurse is jabbing her in the thigh with a sharp object. Four times! At least she got some nifty Garfield band-aids out of the deal. But she was too traumatized to care. She was so worn out from protesting the indignity, that she fell right asleep when I nursed her to make her feel better. But after she woke up again, she remember, HEY, I'm hurt over here, and started crying again. So we bought her some infant tylenol to help with the achiness. I had been trying to explain the concept of immunizations to Emma before we went to the hospital. I think she got the idea. She asked if she needed a "pinch" to keep her from getting sick. I told her not until she started Kindergarden. But that won't be until next year, so hopefully she'll forget all about this conversation we had & not be freaked out about it.

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