Friday, July 16, 2004

Home at last

I'm finally home!!!! It's been a long 4 weeks, and I had a blast but I'm glad to be home. Such as it is. There are boxes & bags of stuff everywhere. I am trying to get everything unpacked & into it's place. It's going well but it's been hampered by little people needing things. Like food & baths. Can't these kids see that I'm trying to get some work done here?! J/K Dave & Liz are coming to visit in 3 1/2 weeks & I'm sure they'd appreciate being able to sit on the couch & not have to step over boxes in the kitchen on the way to the fridge. We have no curtains on the windows & the landlord isn't providing us with blinds, so it's up to us to make sure we aren't flashing the neighbors. I'm looking around for cheap blinds or curtains. I'm thinking roll-up blinds would be the best idea. With a cute valance on the top to make it look not quite so ghetto. I'm not going to worry about privacy on the kitchen window. We're not in the habit of getting dressed in there. The big problem is the sliding glass door in the dining room. I found something really cute in a catalog. It's vertical blinds, but it has a sheer curtain that goes with it. So when you close the blinds, the curtain is attached to them & closes with it. It's very pretty, but expensive. And not exactly practical, since we won't be living here forever. We could probably take that with us, since sliding glass are pretty universal in size, but I don't think Jeff woiuld go for it.
Have to cut this short, hubby just called for a lunch date. Write more later!

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