Sunday, July 04, 2004

Moving Day

Well, for Jeff, anyways. Not me, I'm way out here in California while my poor husband gets to move all of our belongings to a new place. But he's got friends to help him out, so he's not alone. Should I feel bad that he has to do this without me? I actually think it's better for me not to be there. I think I would probably be WAY too controlling, and so would Jeff, so that would be a recipe for disaster. Plus I don't want to see the near misses that I'm sure will happen as they manuever big heavy items through tiny doorjams, narrowly escaping putting a gigantic hole in our brand new walls. This way, Jeff can be the foreman of this job & tick all his friends off by being a tad too Nazi-ish. From what I've heard from his mother, this is something that he has always done. And from being with him for 8 years, I can definitely agree to that.
So instead of worrying about moving the house, I'm sitting here, drinking coffee and looking through the JCPenney catalog. I'm looking for things to put into our brand new duplex to make it look pretty and to help KEEP it look pretty. There's going to be a major change it routine once Emma, Sarah & I get home. No more eating in the living room. We have to keep our brand new carpet looking that way. Plus the living room is on an entirely different floor than the kitchen & dining room, so maybe that will help keep us out of there during mealtimes.
Jeff called about 1pm our time to tell us that the move was finished. He had about 10 people show up to help, so it went pretty fast. We're finding out though, that we're responsible for a lot more than we thought. There are no towel bars in the bathrooms, there are no blinds on the windows. So Jeff is trying to do make-shift curtains so he can change his clothes in semi-privacy. I will definitely have my work cut out for me when I get home.

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