Monday, March 29, 2004

Shopping Spree

On Saturday Jeff, Emma & I decided enough time had been wasted & we went to a couple stores to buy some "necessary" stuff for the baby. You know, stuff a mother with a newborn can't live without. Stuff like a bouncer chair & a swing. Because as much as I know I'm going to love Sarah, I'm going to need time to get things done without having to constantly hold her, and things like this were vital when Emma was a baby. We also bought a diaper bag that Jeff says he would be willing to carry around. That was my main goal, to find something that wasn't too froo-froo so he'd carry it around. It's denim with stripes, so hopefully he won't feel too feminine toting it around. And if he does, well he can just stuff it into the basket in the stroller.
The only problem we've found with getting all this new stuff for the baby is that Emma has, again, wanted everything for HER babies. I put together the bouncer & the swing and as soon as she woke up from her nap, she immediately put her baby into it & starting pushing it so it would swing. It's the cool Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders swing, and the seat can switch positions, from a cradle-like side-to-side swing to a more common front-to-back swing. It's really neat. Jeff & I cleaned out the baby's room & put the swing and bouncer in there. Emma had gone to the bathroom or something while we were doing this & just about had a heart attack when she noticed that they were gone from the living room. She didn't believe Jeff when he told her that they were in Sarah's room. She thought someone had come in and taken them. It was too cute.
Now that her room is all cleaned out, it's kinda empty. We've got the changing table, and the bassinette in there (for now, but when she's born that will go into our room for the first couple of months), and the swing & bouncer chair. But when my mom comes out to visit, we're going to paint the crib, so that's not set up. I have my glider chair downstairs in the living room (which might end up in the baby's room, I haven't quite decided), and there's really nothing else. We might get a bookshelf for all the baby's books that Emma has outgrown. And if we bring the glider in there, it would be a nice place for Emma, Sarah & I to sit and read together. Of course, now that I think about it, I'm sure that room will fill up with stuff once she's born. Babies always somehow accumulate more stuff than you can ever imagine. It's amazing what those little people need, or what we THINK they need.
Jeff & I watched another part of our childbirth video on Friday night. It was about the 3 stages of labor, pushing & delivery. It was very comical. Jeff got a kick out of it. The one part Jeff found extremely funny (and I can't imagine why) was the part about how once the pregnant woman hits the second stage of labor, she will turn into a whiny mess. Apparently, that wasn't the funniest part to him. The instructor said, if your wife isn't a whiny person, this change in demeanor might shock you, but if whining is something your wife does all the time, then this will be nothing new. He was laughing at THAT. I turned & looked at him, well glared was more like it. I personally don't think I whine all that much. I'm not a complaining person in that way. If I'm upset at something, I will tell you in another way, not with whining. I'll either tell you straight out, or make you figure it out yourself. The typical things that women do. "I'm mad, but I'm not telling you why, you should be able to read my mind." In fact, this morning was the first time I've actually made any unreasonable requests of my husband this entire pregnancy. I haven't made him go out in the middle of the night for pickles & ice cream (I don't eat or drink at night anyways), and I don't think asking him to rub my feet or my back is unreasonable in any sense of the word. I AM carrying his child, right? So, I don't know where he got this idea that I whine all the time. I think he's got me confused with the other female in this house, who's only way of communicating lately is whining.
Well Jeff has his EKG tomorrow. At his doctor's appointment a couple weeks ago, she recommended he get one done. I've had one before & they're not bad. Since Emma's been around me getting all these medical procedures done, it should be interesting how she reacts to Jeff getting one done on him.

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