Friday, March 05, 2004

Preschooler speak

It's so funny sometimes how small children can take things you've said & twist them around into a hilarious game of "what did she say?". Even things I didn't realize Emma knew about, like the concept that the baby is growing inside me. The other day Emma was trying to remember the baby's name, and she was pointing to my belly & asking what the baby's name in mommy's tummy was. Jeff asked her, "Baby in mommy's tummy? Did she eat it?" Emma looked at him like he'd just said the funniest thing & goes, "No, mommy didn't eat the baby, she's still making it!" Now this kid hasn't had any sex ed, so just exactly how she deduced that the baby was being "made" and not already finished or just placed in there complete, I'll never know, but it was an insight to her mind I hadn't had before.
Then this afternoon, we go to Jeff's work to have lunch in the dining commons. I had noticed that Emma had some gunk in the corner of her eye & I told her to hold still while I got the "sleep" out of her eye. A few minutes later, she needed to use the bathroom and while we were there she said she wanted to look in the mirror at her eyes, presumably to see this "sleep" that I was talking about. She looked at her reflection, gasped & said,"My eyes are sleepy!" She then proceeded to walk down the hallway with her eyes closed, repeating, my eyes are sleepy. Too funny. Not exactly what I said, but close enough.
So the snow piles has slowly been melting away for the past week. We had another big rain last night & it's continued into today. I am so happy that it'a rain & not snow. Even though we're expecting to get snow scattered snow showers over the next week or so, somehow I don't think it's going to stick around very long, if at all. The temperatures are forcasted to be well above freezing for the most part, mostly in the upper 30's & 40's, so I think we're finally out of the frozon tundra stage of winter. This gives me hope that the weather will be relatively nice by the time the baby's born. I made a promise to Emma that when all the snow on the ground was gone, she could wear her light purple windbreaker, instead of her huge, Stay-Puff marshmallow man snow parka she's been forced to wear since October. But, even though there's still some piles of snow on the ground, the weather has been nice enough to allow her to wear the windbreaker. And since it's been raining, we've broken out the umbrellas, too. It almost makes me wish I were going to be pregnant longer, so I could wear some of the cute spring time maternity clothes I've been seeing.
We got our car seat/stroller system delivered this afternoon. Now we get to wait until Jeff gets home so he can put it together. Emma has already started to want to use the car seat for her own "babies". I can foresee the problems now. But once we actually start putting together the baby's room & putting everything in it's place, maybe she'll realize that she needs to share these things with her little sister. But, I'm not counting on it.

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