Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Car woes, Part Deux.

Well, after 2 days of waiting & wondering if my car was going to act up at the dealers so they could see what I was talking about, it didn't happen. It's like the vehicle had stage fright. Very sad. The service people said that if the "Service Engine" light came on, they would be able to figure out what was causing all the electrical problems. But, I can't guarantee that will happen before my warranty runs out, so we're pretty much just having to sit & wait for it to happen. I was hoping it would do it on the way home from the dealer (since it's a 45 mile drive) but no such luck. I guess the only good thing that came out of this was we finally got our alarm fixed. Well, I fixed it, but I had needed the service manual for the alarm system to do that, and we somehow misplaced it. Every Honda dealer we'd been to didn't have one either. But, this one did & boy am I happy. It was a huge headache having to unlock the car door every time I opened it, otherwise the alarm would go off. Big pain in the neck. But we have our car back, with my keys & the garage door opener.
Tonight it gymnastics night for Emma. She's been looking forward to it all week. When we left this morning to go to the car dealer, she thought we were going to gymnastics. Poor kid thinks every time we leave the house, we're either going to school or gymnastics. She really loves being with other kids.
As I'm only about 6 1/2 weeks away from having this little baby, I must say I'm starting to get nervous. Not about the actual delivery, cause I've been there, done that. And since Emma's birth was kinda difficult, I think I could probably handle anything that came up. But poor Jeff hasn't been through this before. And since we aren't able to go to any childbirth classes (it's too difficult to find a sitter for 4 weeks in a row for 3 hours on a school night) we've been forced to consider just buying a video that will refresh my memory & give Jeff a little peek into what he's about to go through. Anyone who knows my husband for longer than a day will find out how much he hates any sort of medical/hospital procedure. He detests having to have blood taken or be examined in any way. I think it runs in the family because his brother's the same way. So, this whole birth process thing is going to be interesting. I can only hope to avoid him having to be revived by a nurse after passing out on the floor. And if he does, he wouldn't be the first husband to do that. Men are so funny when it comes to this kind of stuff. They can go through wars, car accidents, money issues, job issues, or other traumatic experiences, but when it comes to labor & delivery, something happens in their brains & they can't take it. Thus, the preparing. I feel bad having to throw all this womanly stuff at him in such a short period of time, but we're running outta weeks here. Hopefully I can "desensitize" him a little bit so it's not as such a shock as if he was walking in there with no knowledge at all. And I think that's going to be the key, knowledge. The more he knows going into it, the less likely he'll be to freak out. At least I hope so.

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