Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Well this weekend certainly was fun & interesting. We got our tax return (yay!) and we went to the mall to get some stuff for the baby. Not a bunch, since my baby shower's this Saturday, and I have no idea what's going to come from that. It should be fun though, considering the shower's in Sacramento, and I'm not. But, it's being held at my mother-in-law's house and she has a webcam, so we're all going to sit around the computer, eat popcorn & watch like it was a movie. Only with audience participation. Hey, it's like Rocky! Aw, Rocky, that brings back memories. None of which I could probably repeat here, but hey, they're in my brain.
Anyways, Emma got a new toy at the store. It's one of those travel MagnaDoodles, where you use a pen with a magnet at the end to draw pictures on a screen. Under the screen are tons of tiny flakes of metal bits that create the picture. Then, you use this magic swiper thingy to wipe it clean. She loves it & takes it everywhere. She's even taking it to preschool today for show-and-tell. She's always asking me to write people's names on it. So, I think it'll be good for her learning letters & numbers and stuff.
Also this weekend, Jeff has started his quest to resume being a beefcake. Not that he'd stopped being one from before, but he hasn't worked out since we moved here & wanted to start up again. So we went to GNC and bought those Met-RX meal supplements, and some more vitamins, and he's started to work-out. Makes me feel even worse, since I can't really work-out with him & I'm going to be in even worse shape once I have the baby. But Jeff has already promised that he'll take care of the kids in the evenings if I want to go work out somewhere. I'm making him keep this one.
It amazes me how much Emma is turning out like me. She has so many quirks & personality traits that I've been told I had when I was younger, and even traits that I see in myself today. Last night, she fell asleep in the car on the way to pick Jeff up from work. We put her on the couch, still asleep, when we got home. She slept for about an hour & a half and when she started to stir, we started talking to her to get her wake up. Instead of waking up happy, she started writhing all over the couch, stretching, whining & grunting, like we were really annoying her. I started laughing & so did Jeff. I said, she looks just like me when I wake up, doesn't she? And he was trying hard to cover up the fact that he had noticed that, too. I've always been told that when I was younger, it was no fun to try to wake me up. I was cranky & whiny and generally not a happy camper. And this has continued on into adulthood. Waking up in the morning, or whenever, is not something I like doing. I like my sleep. I don't know if I did this as well, but Emma can continue her crankiness well after she's actually woken up. She sometimes needs to be cuddled for about 20 minutes afterwards until she's a nice person again.
Well the weather has kinda leveled out a little bit. It's still cold, roughly in the 30's during the day. And we did get some snow over the weekend, but it melted by the next day. But, spring is definitely on it's way, it's just getting sidetracked to other places in the country, like Sacramento, where it's supposed to in the 80's today. Send some of that sun over our way, will ya? There are some cute spring maternity clothes I'd like to get a chance to wear before I have this baby. Next time, depending on where we live, definitely have to make a conscious decision on what time of the year I'll be pregnant. No more winter pregnancies. Unless I'm living in AZ or someplace just as hot all year round.
Since Jeff is starting college in May, he has to fill out all sorts of paperwork. One of which was a medical physical. We thought he had to go see a doctor & get a physical & have the doctor fill out all this medical stuff. So, I made the appointment & Jeff was all set to go. Well, come to find out that he doesn't need it because it's only for students who are using the school's student health insurance. Since we have our own insurance, we don't need it. But I'm still making him go to the doctor's anyways. He hasn't seen one since he got out of the military & it's always good to get a periodic check-up.
Emma has started saying the funniest things. I don't know where she got it, but she's started using the phrase "Oh dear" for everything. It sounds so cute coming from a 4 year old's mouth. Speaking of talking, I finally was able to get Emma an appointment for a speech evaluation. Since she was in speech for over a year in San Diego, I wanted to continue it here. But that was easier said than done, unfortunately. It was too expensive to go through the college, and since she was older than 3 she couldn't go through the hospital. So we had to go through thr public school system & they were backed up for months. The appointment I did get isn't until April, the 19th, actually, which is kinda funny, since that's my due date. We'll see if we're able to make that appointment or not. We may be bringing a newborn, I may be in the hospital or I could still be pregnant. We'll see what happens.

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