Monday, April 05, 2004

The Sick House...Again

I know that I've been seriously lackadaisical in my updating of this journal, and for that, I apologize. This past week has probably been one of the worst for my pregnant self. This week I was almost pleading with my body to go into labor, despite Jeff trying to reason with the baby to wait for a little while. I was tired & achy and generally just not feeling well. Of course, when both Jeff & I woke up on Friday morning with what seemed like a cold, I figured that was why I had been feeling so icky all week. Then I was pleading with my body to wait a couple more weeks so I don't have to try to do breathing exercises through a half-stuffed up nose. It would make it very difficult.
So, this is the 3rd cold I've had since November, yay. So, far it hasn't progressed into bronchitis symptoms like it did in January. Just the usual stuffed/runny nose, a few sneezes, and a couple coughs. I've been able to prop my head up at night using pillows, so I'm able to breathe through my nose during most of the night, which has helped avoid the massively sore throat I've had the previous 2 times. And I don't sound like a frog when I talk, which is almost a good sign. And I've decided I'm taking drugs (with my doctor's ok) this time. I'm not going to sit idly by & be sick like this for 2 weeks. I'm attacking it while I can. Because once I go into labor, there's no turning back, and I do not want to be like this when I have the baby. And hopfully this won't last 2 weeks like the other ones have.
On top of feeling icky, Emma not having preschool or gymnastics at all this last week, having to keep the house spotless for realtors coming over to show it, and the baby pounsing on my lower abdomen like a trampoline, Jeff's illness took a dramatic turn last night. He amazes me with his immune system. He'd been feeling just slighty bad, with only a small runny nose, and then all of a sudden last night around 7pm, he comes in from playing on the computer, wrapped in a blanket, shivering like he's been outside in below freezing weather for 2 hours. He was shaking like a leaf. When he gets sick, it's BAD. It hits him fast & hard, but fortunately, it doesn't last all that long. I took his temp, it was about 101.7. I made him some chicken noodle soup and some orange juice. He then wanted to take a shower to make himself feel better. After his shower, I wrapped him up in about 4 blankets & put him to bed. I took his temp again (this was only about 45 minutes after I'd taken it the first time) and it was up to 102.1. So, I gave him an Advil to try & break his fever. An hour later, his temp was up to 102.7. But, within about 30 more minutes, he said he was no longer cold, instead sweating & threw off all his covers. This morning, his fever's completely gone, but he still has symptoms of a cold. It's crazy how his body works. His immune system must be amazing. What would take a regular person about 24 hours to start getting symptoms of, take medicine for, and get over, his body did in 4 hours. But he's always been like this. He doesn't get sick very often, but when he does, it's bad. He was complaining about why he couldn't just get sick like normal people, instead of having to get this accelerated version of illness that knocks him out. I told him I think most people would rather have what he gets, and just get it over with rather than have it drag out for weeks. And the poor guy not only has to go to work today, but it's his college orientation all day. So he has to be sick, around all these incoming freshman, and deal with paperwork & getting his classes for the summer semesters. But, at least he's feeling a little better about the possibility of the baby coming sooner that my due date. For the past few weeks he's been telling the baby to wait & not come yet. But this morning he gave her the OK to come if she wants now, as long as it's after 5pm today. I found that quite funny. Everything's ok, as long as it's on his schedule. I tried to remind him that baby's don't generally listen to what their parents want, and this starts in the womb. He wonders why Emma doesn't obey all the time (or ever, as it sometimes feels like) and I think we're getting the idea of where that comes from. From the beginning of their lives, everything has been on their timetable, and I guess they figure after they're born, that trend should continue.
So, we think we might have come up with a solution for childcare for Emma should I go into labor during the week. My neighbor across the street has already volunteered to watch Emma overnight, and I thought about the possibility of her going to Morgan's (my neighbor's daughter) daycare during the day. Sue (my neighbor) is going to ask the daycare provider today about that and see if she would be willing to take her in, as a drop in, if need be. Hopefully she'll be up to it. That way, Emma could be around other kids, still see Morgan and also have a place to sleep at night. The best case scenario would be that I go into labor around 4-5pm and have her by the next morning, so Jeff could go & pick her up before she goes to the daycare & bring her to the hospital. But since I don't have a crystal ball, these scenarios aren't worth the brain matter they're thought up in.
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I'll know if I'm progressing anymore than I was 2 weeks ago. I have a feeling I am, but I don't have any other labor symptoms to go along with it. I actually don't want to wonder if I'm in labor or not, I want my water to break (very obviously, too) so I'll know when to go to the hospital. That's what happened with Emma & it was very convenient. No guessing, no timing contractions for hours, no being told to wait until the contractions got bad enough to where I couldn't talk through them. Nope, water broke, went directly to hospital. That would be the best way.
Emma has been very helpful the past week. I received 2 boxes full of baby stuff, from my friend Deanna. One was full of used clothes of various sizes, from newborn to 4T, and the other one was from my baby shower. So, Emma & I had fun washing everything & putting everything away. Of course, she still tries to take things that she likes & use them for HER babies, but she's very easily deterred from that, which is a good thing.
Well Emma's acting like she's in desperate need of some attention so I'll end this, but I'll write more once I know more.

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