Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Waiting Game

No further progress in the baby department. After seeing the doctor on Tuesday, he said I haven't progressed much at all, maybe another cm but nothing to write home about, per se. But, we did talk about the possiblity of inducing me if I haven't gone into labor by the middle of next week. I was happy he was so open to it. And thankfully I don't have to go straight to the Pitocin. He said he would try something else first, some sort of hormone. And if that didn't work within 24 hours, then he'd start Pitocin. Both Jeff & I would like to avoid the whole inducing thing all together, but I also don't want to wait too long, and end up needing a C-section because I've got a 10 pound baby on my hands.
I took Emma to gymnastics last night. Most of the people that I know there were surprised I was still there. Most expected that I would have already had the baby, me included. One women even said right before we left, well I hope to not see you next week. I said thanks.
It was a busy evening. Right after gymnastics, we came back home to pick up Jeff to go grocery shopping. Since he's had the car all week, I haven't been able to go. I told him that if I went into labor without going, he & Emma would probably not have any food or toilet paper while I was gone. Either that, or they'd go buy it & pay an extremely high price for it when I know where are all the sales are. I think it was the shortest shopping trip on record for us. We only spent roughly 45 minutes in the store, and that included check-out time. And I got almost everything we needed. The rest can wait, it's not that important. Of course, the one bad thing to having Jeff go with me grocery shopping, is he's just like a little kid, grabbing things off the shelves & putting them in the cart, half slyly, thinking I won't notice until it's too late. Something tells me he's been perfecting this art since he was a small child. And he grabs things he never tells me he wants when I go by myself, so I can never buy it when it's on sale. Instead we have to pay full price for his convenience. Sorry, that's my "Grandpa Schmechel frugal gene" talking.
Emma's going to miss school today because Jeff has the car & he's going to be in a meeting from 1-5pm. But, it'll be ok, this is only the first time she's missed school (well, actually the second, but that was because we were out of town). So, I think she'll live. We'll have fun around here, maybe walk around the block again. And she can help me put away laundry, that's always fun! I've got about 50 loads of clean laundry all folded up down here by the computer, that I just haven't put away yet. Something about sclepping all this stuff up a flight of stairs just doesn't appeal to me right now. I probably should have asked Jeff to go it for me, but I forgot. I had a pretty rough night last night, very little sleep, and lots of aches & pains, so by the time Jeff got up for work, I wasn't thinking about anything but just trying to get up for the day. I told him, I can handle the sleepless nights when there's a crying hungry baby involved, but this "not sleeping" thing just because I'm uncomfortable isn't cool anymore. I'd take the crying baby anyday.
I think Emma has decided that today she's going to be a kitty all day. She's crawling around the house, meowing at me, and I have to refer to her as "kitty". She definitely has a good imagination. She comes up with all sorts of interesting things.
I think I spoke too soon when I told people that I thought that I had escaped the worst of my cold that I had last week. It seems it maybe coming back with a vengence, and a sore throat, too. But the sore throat I can handle, as long as I can breathe through my nose. Having a sore throat during labor might be a good thing for Jeff, so I won't feel as apt to yell at him.

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