Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Counting the days

Every day it seems I get at least half a dozen calls, from Jeff, and other family members, asking me if I've gone into labor yet. Mostly from Jeff. He calls from work, asking me if it's time for a baby yet. I hate to disappoint him. I keep telling him, I'm trying my best to get things rolling, but I really have no control over this. Emma & I went for a walk around the block yesterday (I walked, she was on her skates). It was a slow process, to be sure, but she had fun. Then she played with a ball in the driveway, and on the swing set out in the backyard. It was still a little chilly, but she kept herself warm by running around. I took some pictures & put them on our family website.
Jeff is taking the car to work everyday now. He wants to make sure I don't have to drive myself over to get him, should I go into labor. It's very sweet. But now he has to leave work every time we need to do something. Like today, Emma has preschool & I have a doctor's appointment. Tomorrow evening, Emma has gymnastics. We normally pick him up on the way there, but now he'll have to leave work early to come pick us up. So, hopefully I'll go into labor soon so he doesn't have to keep doing this for another week and a half.
With all the worry about having the baby early, now that I'm less than a week away from my due date, I'm now beginning to worry that I'll go late. And I don't want to do that. My mom comes on the 23rd and is only here for a week. I'm going to try to convince my doctor to induce me if I haven't delivered by that date. I don't know how he's going to react to that, but we'll see. And I don't like the idea of getting Pitocin again, since I know what it does to me, but if the ends justify the means, then I'll do it. I get to find out if I've progressed anymore today. I sure hope so. This baby's getting too big for her current surroundings. Although I think she likes it in there, and may decide to stay for a little while longer. We gotta shake her up & get her moving so she can get out. As much as I'm going to miss being pregnant (the good parts of it, at least), I'll be glad when my body is my own again, and I'm not sharing it with another tiny human being who gives me heartburn when I drink water.
Emma decided last night, after telling me that she wants me to have the baby NOW, that she would like to go to sleep, and then come downstairs in the morning & VOILA! Find the baby down here, just waiting for her, like some present on Christmas morning. I thought that was too funny. Jeff overheard her and said, Yeah I'm sure mommy would like it to happen that way, too. Too true. That would be great, but it's not even conceivable. Unless I have to be put out & given a C-section. It's so funny how little kids come up with explainations to things they don't understand.

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