Thursday, February 26, 2004

Who's afraid of a little fog?

Ok, sometimes I think these Michigan people are the strangest group on the planet. They have weird, horrible weather that apparently everyone just deals with, rather than move away. But, evidently, fog really gets them. We had some fog this morning, nothing terrible, the visibility was still very good. But, it sent the people who determine when the schools get cancelled or delayed into a panic. They have a local television station around here that tells about all the local events, including things happening at the schools. It's just a plain blue background with white letters and cheesy music playing. But, when schools are either delayed or cancelled, the background turns red. I turned it on this morning, and saw that it was red. I couldn't understand why, since we hadn't had any new snow, the temperatures weren't below zero, and as far as I could tell, it was only a little foggy. They had issued a "fog advisory warning" and delayed school for 2 hours. Now, I had been told that if the public schools were delayed 2 hours, not even cancelled, that Emma's preschool would be cancelled. So I was preparing to have be at home all day. But at noon rolled around closer, I decided check the channel again. And it was back to being blue. So I called the school, and sure enough, school was still on. Now I don't mind the fact that they changed their minds in the middle of the day, Emma likes school & I like having 2 hours to myself. But the fact that they had to issue a fog advisory warning is what got me. Now, I grew up in Sacramento, where we get some nasty fog in the winter & spring. There were times when you couldn't see the front enf of your car, let alone anything else in front of you. But, I don't ever recall ever having school delayed or cancelled because of a fog advisory. These people can handle feet of snow, bone chilling temperatures, and blizzard-like conditions, but they can't handle fog. It makes no sense to me.
Anyhow, so Emma went to school & had a great time as always. She's still wanting to be the leader every day, but I think that's just her Type-A personality that she gets from her father. But, she came home with more than just March's calendar of snack duties and some arts & crafts projects. This is it, Emma's first fund raiser. I didn't think it started this young, but apparently I was wrong. It's a Little Caesars Pizza Kit fund raiser. Apparently, Little Caesars puts together these unmade pizza kits to sell to people, so they can assemble the pizza at home and not have to pay a delivery driver. They are also selling cookie dough kits, gourmet spice kits, pizza cutters & serving paddles, and Crazy Bread. For some reason, I thought this pandering didn't start until Girl Scouts. So I guess it's time for Emma to put on her cutest smile & go door to door, selling stuff she won't even eat (the pizza, that is, the cookies are a different story). But, I think this is one of those "benefits" of having a husband who works at a college, where there are people whose main diet consists of pizza & sweets. So, I think Emma will do fairly nicely in this fund raiser.
Emma had gymnastics last night. She did so much better than last week. She listened to her teacher, she didn't cut in line (as much), and she didn't push her classmates around. She still seemed to be the instigator when it came to goofing off when it wasn't her turn to do something, but at least it was mostly harmless. She wasn't having the other girls jumping off the 4 foot high balance beam or anything.
I met one of the other mothers who's daughter is in Emma's gymnastics class, who is a labor & delivery nurse at the hospital where I'm going to have the baby. She only works the weekends, so it's unlikely she'll be there when I deliver, but she was able to give me some information about L & D. They only have 3 labor & delivery rooms. But, she assures me that in her ten years at that hospital, she's only seen once instance, where they had more patients than rooms. It's hard for me to imagine. But, then again, I've never lived in a town as small as this. But, I'm seeing an awful lot of pregnant women around here, so I'm thinking I better go into labor early in the day, to ensure I don't end up delivering in the waiting room.

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