Sunday, February 22, 2004

Weekend Bliss

Well, here it is, another weekend almost over. They should really make these things a day longer or something. These are the most relaxing days, where we can sleep in (until Emma wakes us up), go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner, play games, watch movies, or, in our case, drop Emma off at the casino child care center so Jeff & I could eat a nice relaxing lunch. Not that she minds. We asked her specifically which she would like to do: go eat with us, or go play at the child care center. She CHOSE not to eat with us. It was her decision. Don't call CPS on us. She was not neglected in any way. She had a great time, and she even left willingly with us this time. Of course, she had just gotten a slushie & some Cheetos for the road, but somehow I know she would have gone with us even without those...I hope. We came home, all happy & in a good mood, only to have poor Emma get a giant splinter in her finger. You should have seen this child, you'd think we were trying to rip off her nail the way she was catterwalling & throwing a fit over this splinter. She didn't want us to touch it in any way, all she wanted was a bandaid, and she thought it would be fine. We tried to explain that it wasn't going to go away on it's own, and Jeff had to hold her still while I gently yanked the thing out. It was a good size splinter, probably about 1/8 inch long. I was surprised this hasn't happened sooner, what with our lower basement-type room being completely covered in wood paneling. And not the smooth paneling, either. This is the rough stuff, the kind you'd use for roof shingles. The whole incident just took too much out of her & she fell asleep in daddy's lap not more than 10 minutes later. She took a good long nap in the bean bag chair. She needed it, and I think maybe we should have taken a clue from her & napped ourselves. It's amazing how much energy it takes to try to calm down a 4 year old. It was hilarious the way she was acting, we couldn't help but laugh. She just kept saying,"I want a ban-bam (bandaid)", "I have a boo-boo" (like it wasn't obvious), and "Don't touch me!" I don't think I've ever seen her react quite like that before. It was too funny.
Well, after a couple of days (and a little shopping trip to JCPenney) I think we've gotten used to the idea that we're having a girl. I had forgotten about all the cute little girl clothes they have out. But, I can already tell, like with Emma, that I'm not much into pink. I like pink, don't get me wrong, but I like clothing my child in the other colors of the rainbow, as well. So, this new little one has plenty of pink, purple, yellow, blue & green. And it was all on sale, so that makes it all look cuter. I think Emma has also gotten the idea that she's going to have a sister and is ok with it. She even helped pick out an outfit for the baby. But, of course, HER baby doll had to try it on first, just to make sure it worked ok.
We've almost decided on a name, but are having a little trouble with the middle name. I went to & started a poll to help give me an idea of how these 3 choices sound to others. I sent the link to most of you, but if I missed anyone (because I don't have your email address), then here's the link. You'll have to copy & paste it into your browser since I don't think this page supports hyperlinks. It's Jeff says he doesn't care which one we go with, but I like them all, so I'd like your opinion.

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