Friday, February 06, 2004

I guess diamonds don't last forever

I made a very disturbing discovery this week. One of the little diamonds on my wedding band has fallen out & I can't find it anywhere. I was very upset when I saw this. I don't even know when it happened. It could have fallen out sometime last week & I didn't even notice. I've emailed the company we purchased it through and am waiting for a response. I do remember something they told us about how they would repair the ring, even replace a diamond, as long as we still had the band itself. But since there isn't a store nearby (or for at least 4 or 5 states), I'm not exactly sure what they could do about it. Plus, that was more than 7 years ago, so I don't even know if that guarantee is still effective. I guess I should just chalk it up to having a marriage that lasts longer than the ring itself. That's a good sign, right?
Emma was finally able to go back to preschool yesterday. Although they had school on Tuesday, she had to miss it because we took Jeff to Lansing for his Microsoft conference. She was really excited about seeing everyone again. And the teachers were happy to see her as well. I'm glad Emma is this happy about school. I'm hoping the trend will continue even after she starts school where there's homework involved.
The snow continues. We got about another 3 inches last night. I was just beginning to get used to the roads being clean. Even though the snow has been piled up 5-6 feet on the sides of the road, the roads themselves have been relatively clear because we hadn't gotten any new snow in about a week. And I just had the car washed yesterday, too. Having a clean car in Michigan in the winter isn't about vanity, I'm discovering. It's about keeping your car from getting rusty due to the copious amounts of salt they have to put on the roads. Sometimes I don't even think they plow the road before they pour on the salt. On some streets it seems they just salt the road & plow later, which makes no sense at all. All that does is make the snow slushy, which in turn makes it more difficult to control your car, equaling more accidents. Plus, if it gets really cold, the slush freezes, making inches of ice on the road & then we have the conditions like we did last week where at every stop sign & stop light we're sliding all over the road trying to slow down. Fun.
I think Emma's in serious denial about this baby thing. She has very serious & deliberate thoughts about this whole process. For instance, the baby's a girl, and apparently it's not going to be allowed to come out. When I try to explain that the baby will come out eventually, she gives me this look, like I've just told her that it was raining kittens outside. She doesn't believe me. I've tried to tell her all the fun things that we can do with the baby, like dress it & play with it, but that's not helping. Maybe when we go to the hospital for the sibling tour, she'll start to get the idea.

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