Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prepping for Halloween

Yes, I know it's not even October yet, but when you have a picky 7 year old, you learn to get things done early.

Back during the summer, Emma told me she already knew what she wanted to be for Halloween. Seeing as how it was 90 degrees outside with 90% humidity, Halloween was the last thing on my mind. But, she was insistant. She wanted to be the pink chick from "Power Rangers Mystic Force". That's all fine & good, but SHE HAS NEVER SEEN THIS SHOW. We haven't had cable for a few months, and I KNOW she never watched it before then. Where in the world did she come up with this?? I can only guess that it was something she got from her friends at day camp. I would catch little snippets about her day that had something to do with Power rangers. What's sad is she KNEW which one it was, so it's not like I could just buy any old pink Power Ranger-ish looking thing & say "Here you go!" No, of course not. I started looking on eBay and I said, ok how's this one? She frowned and said, No mom, that mask doesn't have a butterfly on it. I said, but it's PINK, and it says right here "POWER RANGER". She says, NO mom, that's a different show. That's not Mystic Force. ????? How would she know?? So I add "Mystic Force" to my search and there we go! The delux pink Power Rangers Mystic Force costume, complete with the butterfly mask.

So, I checked back for the cheapest ones over the next week or so, and I finally got a good deal. The original price for retail was supposed to be $39, and I got it for $28 (that included S & H), so not bad. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and Emma got a nice surprise when she came home from school. She, of course, wanted to wear it immediately. I told her she could try it on to make sure it fit, but afterwards it was going in the closet until Halloween.

Now my mission, if I choose to accept it, is to find a toddler sized, non-gawdy, Little Bo Peep costume for Sarah. Again, you'd think this would be easy, but people want $50 for a costume!! Uh, no thanks. Not for something that's going to get dirty, possibly ripped, and covered in candy. Katie's costume is easy. She's going to be the sheep for Bo Peep. We already have that costume in the closet. It's Sarah's old one. Speaking of which, I should probably have her try it on, otherwise I might be scouring eBay for a "sheep" costume at the last minute.

UPDATE: Sheep costume fits Katie, but just barely, lol. Good thing Halloween isn't in December, otherwise we might not be so lucky.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Bo Peep should be easy enough to create, shouldn't it? You really just need to find a blue check apron or is it Dorothy from Wizard of Oz? What do I know?

Good luck with it.

Amanda said...

Rofl, yeah you'd think it'd be easy. Maybe I should go to Goodwill & look there. It's really just a pinafore over a smocked looking dress with that I think about it, that's kinda hard to find!