Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby Speak

I think we can officially say that Katie has 2 words: mama & bye. She pronouces bye "a-bai" which is so cute with her dainty little voice. She babbles all the time, and I think I'm hearing snippets of other words, but I can't say for sure. I've heard "dada" & "Sa-wah", but I can't get her to repeat those to me. It's so cool listening to her speech slowly develop. I think that Katie's still at that age where she & Sarah can understand each other. It's neat to watch them play & interact with one another. They have such a fun time.

SIDE NOTE: After I put Katie down for a nap today, Sarah & I came downstairs. She wanted to watch a movie. I already knew it would be a VeggielTales one, as they are her favorite. So, I layed them all out for her to ponder, and she picked "Lyle the Kindly Viking". She very clearly said "Eye-al" when she pointed. So we're making speech strides every where we turn!!

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