Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The mystery of illness

Don't you just love how your child(ren) can pick up every bug that seems to be floating around? Katie has had a fever for 5 days. We took her in, thinking it might be another ear infection, or strep again. Nope, everything came back fine, they even did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. They said it was probably just a virus and would have to work itself out. Well, this fever didn't want to go away. It ranged from 99-almost 102. The poor kiddo was miserable. Well, this morning I noticed she had broken out in a nice little rash.

Ok, now I get it. Roseola. That weird, freakish bug that shows up out of nowhere and leaves you wondering "Where the heck did THIS come from?". So, while she didn't have the "normal" roseola cycle, I'm pretty sure that's what this is. The fever seems to be gone (thank goodness) and the spots will soon be gone. Just in time for one of my other kids to get this.

Yeah, she looks sick, doesn't she?

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