Friday, July 22, 2005

Going out of town

The girls & I will be in NE Ohio all weekend, starting tomorrow afternoon, to attend our first In Real Life meeting. We're meeting about 5-6 people who all post on I think a few people from MI are coming, as well as most of the people who live in Ohio. We're meeting at someone's house for pizza on Sunday afternoon, but I'm getting together with a lady named Christi, who has 2 kids, Wheatley, age 7, and Veronica, age 2, who has Down syndrome. It should be a great weekend. Jeff can't go, due to work & school. So, I've been working my tail off all day to make sure he has clean clothes, food in the fridge and a relatively clean house. Of course by the time I get back, he'll be walking around in a loin cloth, saying he's starving, and the house will be a pigsty.

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